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Haznavi family has a very different and special position in the Islamic world. It is a family that consists of great scholars, wise and virtuous people, those who have wisdom and guide people and great people who are the authority of taqwa. They became leaders and models with these features, and they also conduced to the rising of Islam. These are blessing and present that Allah offers to the Islamic world by means of those people.

As you know “sunnetullah” is a way of practicing the heavenly order that shows us Almighty Allah’s laws and way of use which are valid in the universe. There isn’t any change in His sunnah. Passing of time and changing of places can’t change the heavenly order and His law. As it is known one of the Sura’s names of the holy Qur’an is “Al-i imran.” In this sura it is announced to people that imran family is regarded as superior to the universe.

As you know, Hadrat Imran was a very religious leader and great person who invited people to the Allah’s religion. He spread out the religion among Israel sons for years. He ordered the goodness and prohibited the badness. His adherence to Almighty Allah, his closeness and taqwa drew abundance and blessing on himself. That was such a blessing that it was reflected to his descendants. His ikhlas and sincerity were revealed as Hz. Miriam’s birth from his descendants who was one of the four best women in the world. That revelation was so strong that it didn’t stop only with this. Hadrat Jesus (a.s) who was known as an “ulu’l azm” prophet was honored the world by this holy mother. This was the sunnah of Allah that was revealed. He gives food whoever he wants. He is the one, whose works are never questioned. He is the Lord of the universe. This blessing is not limited with the Imran family. When we looked at the holy Qur’an and hadiths, we see that Abraham’s family had the same blessing, too.

We understand from the salavats and salli/barik prayers that in all their prayers, Muslims want the same blessing to come down for Al-i Muhammad (a.s) at the end of prayers as a sample of loyalty. This is a prayer which has been accepted and a sunnah of Allah which has been revealed. Most of the saints, leaders of tariqa and scholars who renewed the religion were from the family of Prophet Muhammad. It is a situation that the history witnessed. This heavenly precaution is still in force. Whoever closes to such an ikhlas and adheres to the Qur’an and sunnah very tightly, then it will be inevitable to occur great and holy people from his descendants. This is the blessing of Allah and abundance of the prophet Muhammad.

Haznavi guides have shouldered this process for 80 years with both the abundance of their spotless descendants and the ikhlas and perfect faith of Shaikh Ahmed (k.s), Shaikh Masum (k.s), Shaikh Alaaddin (k.s), Shaikh Izzeddin (k.s) and Shaikh Mohammed (k.s). It isn’t within our means to mention about them and understand their position. However, it isn’t approved to give up a thing completely which is not attained completely.

These great people’s understanding of tasawwuf was to practice Qur’an and sunnah beautifully, revive Hadrat Muhammad’s sunnah in the communities, get people to avoid from superstitions, succeed in love and praying with real love, and get accurate faith. So, they had never been interested in politics, they hadn’t carried on with directors, or struggled for people’s properties for attaining these goals. They had protected the honor of scholars and knowledge. They had lighted their life as a candle for the bright view of reality not being blackened, and only for the appearance of right with its beauty. They had also illuminated people with the greatest effort and served them without stopping.

They had been interested in people in every class, and nationality. They had never excluded them and they had seen taqwa as the greatest feature. They had been very compassionate, understanding and concerning towards Muslims. On the other hand, they had been a leader that announced the right and an honorable guide towards non-Muslims. Most of non- Muslims had become a Muslim and honored with faith by means of them. Most of Christian groups, even they were non-Muslims, had accepted that these Haznavi guides were lofty people. So, those Christians had expected blessings from them. Therefore, Haznavi murshids had been a very strong castle of Islam.

One, who gets himself accepted by his enemies, is great. Haznevi murshids were such people that they had got themselves accepted as holy and superior scholars who were masters of Qur’an and sunnah by the people who were cold towards tasawwuf in most of places of the Islamic world. Owing to them, most of scholars had quited their cold attitude towards tasawwuf and they had given up their old manner towards this path which is the most beautiful way of Islamic life.

When Shaikh Ahmed (k.s) was alive, he said “I have three sons. Three of them are perfectly matured. After I die, they will take my place one by one.” He had pointed out Shaikh Masum (k.s), Shaikh Alaaddin and Shaikh Izzeddin (k.s) hadrats. As he said, those holy people had been in the position of guidance. He had also said “Shaikh Mohammed will exalt our glory.” He had approved the loftiness of their positions and the greatness of their guidance.

These lofty people are for all mankind. Their blessings cover everyone. Even a sign is adequate for a wised person. May Almighty Allah make us like those who love him and love His lovers. May he not leave us from these holy people and Haznavi guides. Allah is together with Muttaqis (those who are. righteous).


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