Be True As You Are Commanded – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. Thanks and praises shall be for Allah, the Lord of the Universe and salute and salad shall be upon our Guide, his imams and companions. Our Sheikh, our moral and spiritual educator, Shedih-ul Haramayn Sheikh Muhammad Haznavi His Nibs ‘May our Lord bless his secrets ‘ May our Lord be pleased with Him and May He make his degree higher.
Our precious brothers! Because there are always newcomings to the derwish lodge of the Sheikh His Nibs, I will celebrate your Eid Al-Adha again. May our Lord grant us to comprehend many more bairams. May Allah ta?ala grant us to meet many more bairams as having more morals with the morals of our Prophet (s.a.w.). So we can comprehend these bairams as honored with the greatness and the dignity of Islam religion.

Our precious brothers! Eid Al-Adha is the bairam of the Muslims and Islam religion. And Islam religion consists of the principles about belief based on morals and faith, the commands and the prohibitions of Allah ta?ala. Thus, we get our portions of this bairam as long as we are dependent to the commands of Allah, to these principles and show our faith to them.

Our precious brothers, someone who does not obey the mentioned commands and prohibitions will not get his portion of this bairam. Hasan Bahri His Nibs commanded so: ‘Each day I haven’t practiced the prohibitions of Allah taala is bairam for me. Each day I have fallen a sin, broken the prohibitions is not a bairam for me. That’s why, Muslims should obey the commands of Allah taala, keep out of His prohibitions and comprehend all days of a year as bairam. I pray and entreat from Allah taala that we shall turn our every day and night into a bairam by obeying His commands. Allah ta?ala is Almighty.

Dear Precious Muslims! When I, the poor slave of Allah, saw this Islamic scene in the derwish lodge of Sheikh His Nibs, I understand that I am powerless to thank Allah taala. Any merciful person should be glad when they see this Islamic scene in the derwish lodge oh Sheikh His Nibs. I pray and entreat from Allah that He shall enhance and maintain this Islamic scene in this sacred derwish lodge. No doubt, He is Almighty.

Our precious brothers, we see how much these supreme principles represented by Sheikh his Nibs are convenient to the sunna of our Prophet (s.a.w.) when we look with justice and mercy. The reason why these supreme principles and these supreme manners survived until today is that our Masters and our Sheikh ? May our Lord make sacred his secret – stick to the sharia and sunna of our Prophet (s.a.w.) rightly and faithfully. It is very supreme blessing to be able to stick to the sunna of Rasulullah (s.a.w.) rightly and faithfully.

Our precious brothers, I heard once from my father, Sheikh His Nibs: If Allah taala loves one of His slaves, wants him to be good, He widens his heart. He opens his heart to love and success in spirit world. A person who has found the right way moves heaven and earth to practice this kind of sermons and preaching when he listens to them. He endeavors to practice these sermons into his life.

Our precious brothers! One day Abubakir His holiness told our Prophet (s.a.w.): Rasulullah! You grew old, your hair turned gray! Our Prophet (s.a.w.) told him: Yes, Surah Hud, Surah Mursalat, Surah Nuh and all similar Surahs turned my hair gray. Because many tough torments about afterdeath are being told in these Surahs. Difficulties on that rugged gateway, the severe situations of the ones who will be perished and sinners on that day are being told.

Our precious brothers, In the Surah Hud, Allah taala says ‘Be true as you are commanded, be honest ‘ addressing our Prophet. Ibni Abbas His Nibs (r.a) says: -There has never been such a heavy revelation for our Prophet as this verse in the whole Quran. Because Allah ta?ala commands our Prophet something very difficult and heavy, here. Hasan Bahri His Nibs, similarly, says that Allah taala has commanded our Prophet a very hard principle in terms of its meaning. Our Prophet (s.a.w.) lived the depth and meaning of the revelation when this verse was sent. His companions understood that he was influenced.

Our precious brothers, trueness and direction are achieved by obeying thoroughly the sharia and sunna of our Prophet (s.a.w.). This is what we call as direction.

A person which is straight is true and honest. But when he deviates from his direction ‘ May Allah protect him-, he sees the right as wrong and vice versa. He evaluates the good as bad and the bad as good. He obeys the desires and wishes of his self. Whoever obeys the desires and wishes of his self ‘  May Allah protect him- then the eye of his heart becomes blind. When it becomes blind, he cannot see the right as right.

How can we know that a person is true and honest? Our precious brothers, my father Sheikh His Nibs told: a true person is like a mountain. If it rains or floods, it is not affected. The heat of the sun cannot melt it. Severe winds have no effect on it. Here a true and honest person is like a mountain. He is not affected when someone says something evil, does wrong, or treats him in the way he dislikes. He turns his back on that person. He does favor in return for the evil. He doesn’t obey the desires of the self, commanding the evil fiercely, he doesn?t listen to them. He doesn’t go along with his self in the way of defying the commands of Allah. He is who we call as honest.

The sign of a true and honest person who is straight and directs the right way is: He is not affected by challenges, troubles or exams. If this person is a shepherd, the things he abides by are also good. If he is an employee, you can see that he are successful in his job. If he is a merchandiser, you can see both that he makes profit and gains acceptance among people. So whatever he does, he are successful. Because this is a straight, in other words honest and true person. If this true person is the head of a family, his children will be also honest. If he represents a community, that community will be also true. If he is an educator or teacher, his students will be also honest and sincere.

Our precious brothers! We see the principles, products and fruits of such righteousness, direction, of being true and honest at highest in this community. The grower of this community is Sheikh His Nibs. May our Lord make his secret sacred. We witness this community which he grew and the fruits of this tree. We can see it clearly. We understand how true and sincere person Sheikh His Nibs is. Thanks to the honesty and righteousness of Sheikh his Nibs, people are also honest to Allah. This sacred community we can see today is a clear indicator how sincere it is on the principle of being true as commanded and of being righteous of Sheikh His Nibs if these people still come here in crowds and stick to the principles of this way despite of the narrowness and troubles of this place we are in. trueness and honesty is a necessary principle to be successful in everything. That?s why, our religion commanded honesty and trueness in every subject and tells that the key to success is honesty.

That Allah ta?ala guides, warns us and shows us the true way in being honesty and true is a manifestation of the mercy of Allah for us. Look, Allah the Almighty commands in Quran: Indeed, those who have said, “Our Lord is Allah” and then remained on a right course – the angels will descend upon them, [saying], “Do not fear and do not grieve but receive good tidings of Paradise, which you were promised. (Surah Fussilat, 30th Verse)

Allah ta?ala tells a true believer that you will have no fears and worries in World and ensures that you will have no worries about any troubles, eternal happiness and paradise in afterdeath.

Our precious brothers, when Sufyan Abu Abdullah His Holiness (r.a.), one of the companions of our Prophet (s.a.w.) asked our Guide ‘Rasulullah! Could you tell me something clear and covering the whole Islam, which I do not need any other explanation except yours?  our Prophet (s.a.w.) answered him: Say I believe in Allah and be true.’

Our precious brothers, this hadith of our Prophet (s.a.w.) is very comprehensive hadith which has broad meanings. Faith and being true is one of the in-depth hadiths of our Prophet, covering all principles of Islam.

In the first part of this hadith, the whole belief system has been clarified. ‘Say I have faith in Allah.- There is everything about faith and belief in it. And the principle of being true covers all of them like prayers, the relationships between people and moral principles. Achieving this trueness is not that hard. Indeed it is such easy thing. When a person knows, lives and feels that he is always under the observance of Allah ta?ala, Allah taala watches him continuously, He responds the favors with rewards and the evil things with punishment, it becomes easier for him to be true. When this person sticks to the principle of being true, he turns from ignorance towards knowledge and wisdom, from darkness towards light and from misfortune towards happiness and prosperity.

I pray and entreat from Allah taala that He may grant us to be honest and true in every situation and everything we do. Our Lord may grant us all to be successful in this subject. He may hold our hands. He may grant stability, peace, faith and safety both to our city and country and all Muslim countries. Allah is the Almighty. Salute and salad shall be upon our Guide, his imams and companions. Al Fatiha


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