Divan Talk – Seyh Muhammed El-Haznevi (k.s)

In the name of Allah the most merciful, the most compassionate,

May praises and thanks be to Allah. May endless peace and prayers be with our beloved Prophet Mohammad (s.a.v) and his companions.

In this world, human being’s peace is too little. His general life is filled with hardships, tiredness, troubles and sadness. Because of this world people miss the hereafter which is eternal, everlasting and permanent. Dear brothers and sisters, if human being uses his mind and shows a bit patience, he reaches the taste and peace of the hereafter which has the eternal peace, eternal comfort and permanent resting.

Assume that someone has a lover whom he loves exaggeratedly. If a person asks him for not being with his lover that day but being with her during a thousand day, what will he do Or, if a person says to him “If you come together with your love today, you will be deprived of her forever”, what will he do A wised person do this: He endures her in a short time, shows patience and puts up with the difficulties. But he ventures to be with his lover in the hereafter and shows patience and pain in that short time.

Dear brothers and sisters the world is nothing when compared with the hereafter. Moreover, there isn’t any relationship between them, there isn’t any comparing. The world is mortal and transitory like a shadow. On the other hand, the hereafter is everlasting, eternal and permanent.

Dear brothers and sisters, the world is attractive, has a charm and it deceives human. Furthermore, Our beloved Prophet Mohammad (s.a.v) ordered in one of his hadis : “Keep away from the world, escape from it, because it is more violent than Harut and Marut.

When human first came across with the world, he supposed it was his lover, friend and comrade. But, when he looks at it deeply, he will see that this world leave him step by step and leave him alone.

Even though the world looks as if it didn’t come to an end, it runs out step by step, hour by hour and trace by trace. It looks like a shadow of which a man can’t notice. He thinks the shadow is with him but it becomes shorter and disappears suddenly. As you see, the human’s deadlines, breath and the world leave him alone step by step and come to an end.

Almighty Allah orders in one of the verse of Qur’an: “Everything will be utterly exhausted except from Allah. The judgment belongs to Him. He will be always everlasting.” Everything comes to an end. Everything is transitory and all blessings are annihilated except from Allah. In another verse of Qur’an It is said: “Everything in the universe will disappear; only Allah will be everlasting.”

While man is living in good health, real pleasure and aware of nothing, he is supposing that all of them will be everlasting. Then suddenly an unexpected illness finds him. So, this tall, well developed and strong person catches such a trouble and anxiety that they secretly gnaw him, but he isn’t aware of it. Since he forgets the death, he looks unwarily that illnesses and upsetting things happen to him. The man has such a manner that he finds himself unable to speak, hear and listen. He even doesn’t want to look at his favorite foods, he loses his appetite. Even, he becomes unable to use and swallow the drugs nearby him.

Thus, man remembers at the moment of death where he spends his whole life, where he uses up his youth. His houses, palaces and properties come to his mind. He feels the pain and misery of leaving them. If he has weak offspring, wife and children, then he thinks what they do after his death. At that moment the drugs becomes unfaithful.

The things which he formerly benefited become opposed to him. He thinks the subject that he goes to excess about Allah and his nafs. Apart from the pain of death he feels regret and remorse.

Most of us know these truths. The world looks like a shop and store which include desires and flavors. The important thing is not to miss this holy religion and religious manner. Therefore we should give ear to Islam sermons.

May Allah grant all of us a perfect and perfectly correct wise. May we be saved from desires of the mortal life and reach everlasting, permanent benefits by means of that wise. It is our hope and expectation from the Lord of the universe. Almighty Allah is capable of everything. May peace and prayers be with our beloved prophet Mohammad and his companions.


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