Doctor Sheikh Mostafa Al-Buga – Mevlid Talk in Tal-Maruph

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds. The best salat and salam be upon our beloved prophet Muhammad, His Ahl-al Beyt, His companions and the other prophets and those who will be dependent on them up to the doomsday. You heard everything about greatness of Islam, this ummah, this Sheikh and honesty of this faithful family. So, I have no word to say about them. If there is something to say, I want to say what I have known about the masters and leaders of this tariqa since 1964 as I have gone to it regularly in many times. In those times, there was Sheikh Aladdin (q.s) as the head of tariqa in this town.

Sheikh Izzeddin (q.s) was his minister, agent and representative. In those times Sheikh Izzeddin was not a sheikh, he was just Izzeddin. He was the honest and sincere representative of his brother Sheikh Alaaddin. The children of Sheikh Izzeddin and Haznavi family were studying in madrasah. Almighty Allah gave me chance to attain the honor of being master in that madrasa of sharia.

And I’m saying to Sheikh Muhammad that: May Allah make him successful. I’m saying and repeating. I’ m not giving up my mastership, I’m proud of him with my mastership. I had a sheikh. His name was Sheikh Hayr Yasin. May Allah have mercy on him. I profited from him too many things. One of them is this: Almighty Allah makes a faithful student beneficial. If one is faithful, he declares the kindness which someone does him. Then, it results modesty. So, faithfulness occurs by means of modesty. Sheikh Muhammad is one of those beneficial students. So many people who couldn’t reach the dismes of his position have grown away from their masters and hodjas from whom they profited and leant a lot of things. There were a lot of students who passed their hodjas. In the life arena, I’m pleased when my students pass me.

I’m saying this to explain that the children of Haznavi family who grow under the umbrella of faith don’t want the benefits of world and not run after gratitude. Since I came here, I have known this tariqa and this family very well. Therefore, I want to say this: Sheikh Izzeddin – may Allah have mercy on him- doesn’t need to be described. Haznavi family doesn’t need to be described. In order to understand this fact, this meeting is enough for us. When we were coming here, my son Muhammad Al Hasan – may Allah enlighten your eyes with your children- said to me and Sheikh Muhammad sincerely: “It is your right to take Jerusalem back.” since he saw this crowded community and their love. He saw that these people came to here from distant places in spite of the difficulties and expenses of travel.

What influence people to come here? Is it not honesty? Is it not ikhlas (sincerity)? Is it not faith? Yes, just as great scholars say, these features are our sign. Sometimes, I think that it is imperfection to praise Islam and confirm the greatness of this ummah, because Islam and Muslims are too exalted to be compared with the other ummahs. So, I always repeat these words of Allah (jalla jalaluhu): “ Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: they are the ones to attain felicity.”

O! My brothers! There are some invitators in the east and west of Islamic countries who are against tasawwuf and tariqa. We think that those who are against tasawwuf in some places have excuse. But, why? Because those who put forward this path and walk on this way oppose to the truth and reality of tasawwuf. Whereas, tasawwuf is one’s being cleaned in the way of his Lord and in the relationship with his Lord as we heard from Muslim scholars and those who perform it according to its origin. One who performs the orders of tasawwuf is called as Sufi. Sheikh Ahmad Al- Haznavi was the one who established the tariqa in this town. I have stayed in this town for two years. As far as I hear, know and learn, Sheikh Ahmad Al Haznavi was one of the people who lived in the town called Hazna.

Do you think how he reached that situation? What did he do? He came to that position and reached that degree, because he took knowledge from its source. Besides this knowledge, he also learnt not to be haughty, arrogant and not to exploit his knowledge for worldly things. He performed the knowledge together with the Naqshbandi tariqa of tasawwuf. This tariqa symbolizes Islam. This tariqa aims the students for learning religious subjects and performing them in their lives. Sheikh Ahmad Al Haznavi enjoined people from entering the tariqa without learning religious knowledge. After him, his children also walked on this way. By looking at those who are dependent on tariqa, some people think that this knowledge is hindrance. They say that learning Islamic knowledge and being apprised of religious knowledge waylay them. They say such things, because they don’t have any value and they are ignorant.

Before I came here, Sheikh Izzeddin was traveling Damascus and most cities of Syria. He was
Searching thoroughly for one whose knowledge and virtue could be reliable in order to be master in this madrasah. I wonder why I came here. I am still remembering that I came here as they gave great importance to the knowledge. It was my second or third night. I wrote a letter for my sheikh Hasan Habenke Al Maydani (may Allah have mercy on him) in guesthouse: “I’m feeling myself as if I was together with the companions of the Messenger, because I see myself among those who are in qiyam, ruku and sajda all the time when I open my eyes at nights.” My children, companions and friends have heard this from me that I talked about those people for days.

Do you think those people live with ignorance? They are scholars. You can see that one can’t struggle with them. One can’t struggle with them about the knowledge of hadith. One can’t struggle with them about the knowledge of grammar. Then, it can be said that those who are experts at tariqa in this town are very ambitious to base tariqa on knowledge and fiqh. They invite people to goodness. It is an evidence for that; those who say the religious knowledge waylays people are deceitful and they make people dirty.

I want to say something. I saw something while I was coming here. I know that there are always such scenes, but I have seen it for the first time. I wonder why those women came here, why those men came here, why those youths came here. Why did they want to look at Sheikh? Why did they want to look at guests? Why did they want to look at scholars? Why did those women wear those chadors? They were standing on ground. Why did people throng there? It is because there are faith, real love, sincere love and love for Allah in their hearts.

O! My brothers! Therefore, our faith, religion and the sharia which does not need to be proved for being true attract us. Yes, there is not any real religion apart from Islam. As I and my son say, any of those people hesitates from dicing with death so as to exalt the religion of Allah.

But, O! My brothers! We have to be more beneficial than we are now. We must realize the purpose of those who crowd to the tariqa and followers of this family as they, especially Sheikh Muhammad (May Allah bless him), are very ambitious about learning religious subjects and fiqh. Do you think what the purpose is? The purpose is to represent this religion. Tariqa means performing the fiqh we learnt in our lives and works. A husband must be a model for Islam in the relationship with his wife. A woman must be a spoken model in her behavior, life, and in the religious knowledge.

O! My brothers! We are thanking to Sheikh for this great community and this meeting and we honor with this community. We confirm that this meeting is the evidence of the honesty of faith and this ummah is the most beneficial ummah for people.

However, our modals are the Messenger of Allah and His companions. We must be dependent on them. While Sheikh Izzeddin (q.s) is above, we must take them as an example in order to realize his purpose. Then, our sheikh will consent to this. We ask Allah for increasing the goodness in this town, in Sheikh’s land and making us a beneficial generation for our ancestors and youths. May Allah’s mercy and abundance be upon you.


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