Dr. Sheikh Hasan Kaftara – Mevlid Talk in Tal-Maruph

O! Muslims! Almighty Allah has created such people that they will be models to the others, transport the way of Truth to hearts, exonerate souls and light the way for those who want to live faithfully by wishing the will of Allah. Life is beautiful only with them. World is beautiful only with them. They are the lights of the world. They enlighten the creatures with their light. If there weren’t such faithful and sincere guides, people would be like animals. One of those guides who work loyally for spreading out the invitation of Allah is Sheikh Izzeddin Al Haznavi, the object of this memorial.

May Allah have mercy on him and make his soul exalted that he is the symbol of religious knowledge and knowledge of Allah. He was the one who carried the flag of Allah’s invitation with his actions and his words. He was the one who got the love of Allah, the Messenger of Allah and people. The way of success and release will be just like this.

O! Muslims! The genuine scholars of tasawwuf were able to put the meaning of Allah’s dhkir in their students’ and followers’ heart. So, you see that they are together with Allah in shortage and abundance, in days and nights and in all situations.

O! Great Sheikh! May almighty Allah (jalla jalaluhu) have mercy on you. Today these Muslims are dependent on your path and they witness that you worked, struggled, helped and forgave loyally and sincerely. May almighty Allah have mercy on you together with scholars, hardworking and sincere people. May Allah (jalla jalaluhu) have mercy on you in doomsday. May Allah make you friend with prophets, siddiquns, martyrs and righteous people. How good friends they are!

Look! They are your children. Aren’t you Sheikh Izzeddin’s children? Look, they are your children and brothers. In front of them there is your son Sheikh Muhammad (q.s). May Allah make him powerful and respected both in the world and in the hereafter. They are walking on your way. We are praying Allah for being with you in doomsday, under the flag of our beloved Prophet and in the shadow of Allah. There is not any shadow except His shadow in doomsday. Our sign and way is “ilahi ente maqsudi ve rıdake matlubi”.

So as to carry out the Lord of the worlds’ order, we pray Allah for being with faithful people. “O! You who believe! Be careful of your duty to Allah and be with the true ones.”


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