Eid Al-Adha 2nd Day Sermon Tel-İrfan 2008 – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi (k.s)

I begin my words in the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks be to Allah,the Lord of the Worlds and salat and salam be to Hadrat Muhammad(pbh) and to all his Sahaba, his companions!.May Allah (swt) bless our Sheikh, our tutor, my father Şehid-ül Harameyn and grant him with supreme authorities on the Day of Judgement.

My dear brothers! I congratulate you all on your blessed eid- Al Adha and I say that Eid mubarek especially for those who came here today , to the dervish convent of Sheikh hadrat. May Allah Almighty (swt) grant us with such improved and valuable relations to spend in a real eid atmosphere with glory and honor. The things we hope and desire for are that Muslims will take back their land which are in Zionists hand ,will embrace the path and orders of Allah Almighty (swt) with glory and honor, will be away from the things He prohibited , will have morals as the moral of Hadrat Muhammad Mostafa (pbh) and we can see such relations come to happen again and again . May Allah Almighty (swt) make the repetition of such relations become a means for strengthening the brotherhood bond between the Muslims in the east and the west, for providing the unity and togetherness.

My dear brothers, I am as a poor slave of Allah Almighty (swt) unable to give thanks to Him. For the affection and fidelity I see in your face and eyes, for the loyalty that you have in the good manners of Sheikh nibs who led you to Allah Almighty (swt) , I don’t know how to give thanks.I wish and supplicate from Allah Almighty that He make us successful living the good manners of Sheikh nibs (qs). May He make us successful protecting these good manners. These are such good manners that they provide to strengthen îmân and religion. I wish and supplicate from Allah Almighty that He grant all Muslims to benefit from these good manners.

My dear brothers I heard this verse from my father Sheikh nibs many times that it said : ” O My Allah , if you consent to me , everything happens to me will be easy, and then everything in the world will be mine. Because the important thing is your consent. Even if I am locked in my mind, or I become sick , fall to the underdog status , in your path , for your consent whatever happens to me will be easy and it is not important. Just You consent to me.”

My dear brothers, my fathar Sheikh nibs used to declare as such ; ” I regretfully say that most of the people do not care about this important matter. They suppose that if there happens any decrease in their sustenance, if distress happens , they lose their goods , they do not have their agriculture or they lose their land , Allah Almighty (swt) has forgotten them.” Because the thing they give importance is the world and wordly goods. They are unaware of the consent of Allah (swt).

My dear brothers, such people do not consider the consent of Allah (swt) they don’t contemplate. As the poet said ” If the world leave me alone with my religion ,that is to say if Allah (swt) succeeds me in my religion, this is glorious for me than anything else. Then it is as if I have got everything.” If a Muslim endeavours for the next world while alive, in their health , before getting sick works for Hereafter , evaluates their youth before getting older, if spends their goods in the right path when they are rich , if works for Allah’s (swt) consent when they have free time before getting busy, they certainly obtain the consent of Allah.Allah Almighty (swt) gives them the paradise He promised.

My dear brothers, we should be awake, we should collect ourselves.Let’s not waste our time but evaluate it.Because if we spend our time for the world, we will regret in the end. The last regret does not help us. Clever people gave more importance to Allah’s (swt) consent and did not give importance to the world.

My dear brothers! We have to straightening ourselves up. We need to run to Allah’s (swt) consent and accustom ourselves to keep away from the flavors of our desires. We need to protect ourselves from unlawful things. Oh yes dear mu’mins, as Sheikh nibs (qs) says that we have to do these things. Take a sick or wounded person for example ! As he/she endures the bitterness of the drug for treatment of his/her own wound, it is required to endure the bitterness of the medicine neccessary for the treatment of the human soul, no matter how painful it is.

My dear brothers! We have to draw a lesson from the ones who had already gone before us. Where are our father Where are our sons Where are those tribes lived before us Where are the other great persons who had embellished these socities, treated our hearts with their enlightenments, sermons, relieved the spiritual wounds like my father

My dear brothers ! My father who treated our souls with his enlightenments has gone and left me back alone. He left me lone and helpless. The time which sit me on this pulpit down is a callous and unfeeling time. Dear mu’mins, yes, although my father has gone, his favor, richness, sermons and enlightenments are permanent hopefully among us. My dear brothers, although my father, Sheikh nibs (qs), has left us bodily, his souls is flying over us. His favor and richness will be permanent among us until day of judgement Insha’Allah.

Here my dear brothers, such is the state of the world. Just as the people living in this world born without bringing anything, they have been leaving it without taking anything away. Here we have to draw a lesson from this, too. Because they only took away their good actions with themselves. The good actions will help them in Hereafter. There is nothing but good actions will help us.

My dear brothers, if we really consider sincerely, then we will properly understand that what the world actually is. In fact, the world has no importance at all. No matter how much we endeavor, no matter how much we work, it will be a simple thing that we will obtain from the world. If we properly consider, then we will understand that the world has no value in return for the blessings promised by Allah Almighty (swt) in the paradise. In comparison to them the world is nothing. Hadrat Prophet (pbh) declared such: “The world is the prison of the mu’min, and the paradise of the infidel.”

My dear brothers, in spite of Hadrat Prophet (pbh) describes the world as a prison, the mu’min does not want to leave it. Once Sulejman bin Abd ul Malik had asked Abu Hasım regarding this subject like this : “So, if it is like that, why we do not want to leave the world ” Abu Hasım answered him like that: “You have repaired your own world, but it is ruined Hereafter. As you know that one does not want to go from prosperous to ruined place.”

My dear brothers! Hadrat Prophet (pbh) perceived the reality of the world. He declared such: “The example of me and the world is like this: Take a pilgrim goes on the way, the weather is hot and it is summer. He sits down under a tree for having rest for one hour. After that he leaves and goes away.”

My dear brothers! Let us get back ourselves. Let us check ourselves that if we have drawn lessons from these hadiths, sermons, enlightenments Are we following the path followed by Hadrat Prophet (pbh) Do we understand the world in the same way that Hadrat Prophet (pbh) perceived and understood Oh, yes dear mu’mins, a lot of scholars like my father sheikh nibs, told us that what the world was. For alienating the people from the world, for achieving them piety enlightened and gave advice them. Just like gives a doctor antifebriles to patients go up their fever, they tried to extinguish the fire arises from the love of the world on us. I wonder if we are using those treatments, those medicines The answer of this is unfortunately negative. On the contrary we have been attacking the world more. Only the ones are except for this to whom Allah Almighty (swt) shows honour.

My dear brothers, here we know, closely see that the days, years are passing by, our lifetime is running out. And are we using these in the way of Allah! All of you know that, these will be asked above from us. Even the seconds will be asked. If each of seconds of our life time has been spent in the way of Allah (swt), then it will returns goodness in the day of judgement. If we waste time in vain, then we will come to grief, we will be frustrated. We will have lost our lifetime in this way.

My dear brothers, is there anyone who is more ignorant than the one is subjected to his/her own desires, who does not perceive the things will encounter in the day of judgement, and who does not prepare the necessary things while being in the world by all means Yes, dear mu’mins, the people are like this will be frustrated in the day of judgement.

My dear brothers! The ignorant people like these, neither hear Allah, nor see Him. My father Sheikh nibs (qs), used to give such example for those kind of people: ” Take a voyager on a ship is about to sink. A few minutes after the ship will sink. But that voyager acts as if nothing happens. He/she does not to think about saving himself/herself. He/she does not look for a remedy. He/she is occupied with the layout of the room of the ship, placing the photographs on the wall in the room, cleaning, etc. He/she does not think that a few minutes after the ship will sink and he/she will be perished, a remedy is needed very urgently. Since the ship will sink and he/she is living the last minutes of his/her life, he/she wants to enjoy these last minutes”.

My dear brothers! First I am talking to myself, after I am addressing you. Life is running out. We could not introduce the good actions to Allah(swt). We are not prepared for tomorrow. It is time to repent, but we are postponing it. We believe that we could do it later on. Dear mu’mins, we have to come to ourselves. We must not waste our lives. May Allah Almighty (swt) make us good actions. May Allah Almighty (swt) give us good sense for finding our own ways, for implementing His orders and for achieving a real contemplation.

We wish and supplicate from Allah Almighty (swt) that May He forgive all the sins we have done. May He cover our shames. You are kindly requested to pray for this humble servant of Allah Almighty (swt) that May He destine me to follow the path of my father, Sheikh nibs (qs). May He bestow power and force me into action. May He make me succeed to protect this white dress my father clothed me without making it dirty. May Allah Almighty (swt) make learning, knowledge, decency, morality and guidance resource of convent of Sheikh nibs all the time. I wish and supplicate from Allah Almighty (swt) that May He make whole Islam community find the true path. Make the great Islamic countries successful to come together and unity. Surely Allah (swt) is omnipotent.



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