Friday Sermon About Eid Al-Adha 2008 – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi (k.s)

I begin my words in the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks be to Allah,the Lord of the Worlds and salat and salam be to Hadrat Muhammad(pbh) and to all his Sahaba, his companions! . May Allah (swt) bless our Sheikh, Şehid-ül Harameyn the spiritual edification user and grant him with supreme authorities on the Day of Judgement.

My dear brothers; ahl-i taqwa such as my father Sheikh nibs (qs) having knowledge, virtue, moderation and piety breeding domesticated ones have gone.Leaving someone back like me having non-return of capital and a poor servant of Almighty Allah (swt), they leave this land.I tell this as the truth not as humility. Allah (swt) witnesses that.

My dear brothers, I swear that among you I do not see anyone of you less missing than myself again.I myself would be counted as nothing among you. Dear mu’mins! I’m like a man whom my father Sheikh nibs had mentioned in a conversation.In the land of Damascus once a time a man had died. They took his funeral to the mosque of the ameer of that time.But they did not find anybody there that would make the funeral prayer.They looked around and saw someone sitting ahead.They went to his side and asked him to make the funeral prayer.

My dear brothers, the man whom they asked to make the funeral prayer was not an scholar person. He told to them ; ” I am not scholar, I am not a competent one to make the prayer.” and alleged his excuse. But they did not accept his excuse and insisted on him to make the prayer.

“There is no difficulty configuring the funeral prayer. It consists of four takbîrs.By saying these four takbîrs, make us perform the prayer and then we go to our works. We have works hastily.And we’ll bury our funeral.” they told.The name of the man whom they insisted on to configure the prayer was Abu Kadro.Abu Kadro said the four takbîrs and made the funeral prayer performed and by bending to the dead person’s ear, told him something.

My dear brothers, one of those along the funeral asked the person who configured the prayer : “O Abu Kadro! What did you tell to the ear of the dead ” Abu Kadro answered like this: ” I swear to Allah I said him that you will go to the isthmus of the Worlds.They will ask you about here. Tell them that Abu Kadro, an ignorant man became imam.” Oh yes believers! I regret to say that we are in such a time that they put such a person like me on a preaching pulpit However I creed and believe in that insha’Allah also in this work there is a grace of Allah Almighty and this is also from His Bounty Phase.

My dear brothers, I am not a competent person to serve irshâd (enlightenment). I only report you the things I heard from my father Sheikh nibs. Dear believers, when a person afflicted with an apparent disease, by using all their moral and material opportunities, he/she strives for all of their effort to get rid of their pain and suffering and to find cure. As we all know that apparent diseases are temporary.

Regardless of how long it will continue it will be highest till death comes. After people died, those pains and diseases are all finished. Besides this, there are spiritual illnesses, as well.These diseases are of such kinds that will lead people to eternal brigandage.I am sorry to say that most of us have this kind of spiritual disease.Our hearts are busy with other things except from Allah (swt).But we live in a way that we are unaware of  their treatment.

My dear brothers, the reason why we dont give importance for the treatment of our spiritual illnesses and reason of our remissness is because there is worldly love in our hearts. The biggest evidence for this is that we prefer worldly tastes to hereafter deeds. About this matter, Allah Almighty (swt) declared, “In their hearts there is only worldly love and they have forgotten hereafter”.

My dear brothers! A person who is unaware of the spiritual illnesses in their hearts and who does not know that they are spiritually sick is called ignorant.But a person who knows that there are spiritual illnesses in their hearts, and that they are far from hereafter deeds and who does not apply to their treatment and does not give importance to this case and not having an effort for this is called unbalanced in mind.

My dear brothers! Here is a man in such a state is not thinking and isn’t in contemplation. “What is the fate of the world, what consequences there will be ” They don’t think of this. However a person who is clever thinks the fate awaiting him in the hereafter, in the isthmus of the Worlds and is in contemplation about these. They are directed to Allah (swt).They apply for the treatment of these illnesses. He/she escapes from haram (unlawful) tastes and they give themselves to deeds of Hereafter.

My dear brothers, I had heard a very different wisdom from my father Sheikh nibs. (qs). He declared as such ; ” None of the tastes are called flavor if there is a punishment in its end. No pain, distress and suffering are called suffering if there is happiness and bliss in the end of it as a result.

My dear brothers! These haram (unlawful) tastes obtained in this world are not considered delicious flavors. Because for from now on there is punishment. It is not called gruelling the hardships suffered because of the worships in the world, either. Because then there is the joy and happiness. For people of worship and piety Allah Almighty (swt) promised the paradise full of grace not seen by the eyes, not heard by the ears, even your heart could not have imagined. As we all know that the paradise is a land of happiness and bliss.

My dear brothers! The tastes and happiness seen in this world are considered as nothing in comparison with the blessings in the Hereafter. While the case is this, if one is conceited and possessed by lust, if prefers the forbidden flavors of the world to Hereafter, gives priority to the tastes of the world and forgets about Hereafter, it shows that the person has no mind at all.

My dear brothers! For being of genuine intellects, for straightening ourselves up and treating our moral diseases we need an ethereal mind. We need a mind for Hereafter. Because earthly mind only knows the apparent things, feels them, resolves them but the ethereal mind sees long distances, grasps the deeper issues.

My dear brothers! As our Hadrat Prophet (pbh), having real and geniune mind commanded, a person who is clever is the one that accounts himself, prepares provisions for the Hereafter, who works and endeavors.

As for the one who has not mind is subjected to his/her desires and demands and expects better results from Allah Almighty (swt). Unfortunately most of us are unconscious against these spiritual illnesses. We are not considering, contemplating these at all. Our thoughts and our minds are only interested in the world. We only think about the world. We give importance to useless things which will vanish off the face of the earth. We are abandoning lasting and beneficial deeds of Hereafter.

My Dear Brothers! Commitment to the world makes us forget about these diseases. A person who is not sensible just thinks of world flavors. The spiritual diseases do not comes his/her mind. The one who has real and genuine mind contemplates the death, and what will happen after death, resurrection, reckoning, etc. Together with these, he/she realizes the circumstances of the world, as well as the spiritual diseases. Because his/her faith is strong.

My dear brothers! I had heard my father Sheikh nibs. (qs). He declared as such ; A scholar was going with his students.They saw an ill person there.As if ther had been no ilnesses that he hadn’t got.The insects were strolling around him.They went near him and realized that a voice was coming from him.They heard the patient’s thanking to Allah by saying “Thanks to Allah that He exempt and protected me from the illnesses come to the people.One of themcouldn’t stand this and asked “Ok,but is there any illness that doesn’t come to you,so you can say this .He said ‘ yes,there is,thanks to Allah ,outh that comes to people ,didn’t come to me. The illness of outh didn’t come to me.Here it is,dear belivers,that person doesn’t show consideration and respect towards the worldly illnesses because of his strong îmân.He doesn’t feel what his illnesses are.He’s waiting reward from Allah Almighty ( swt)

My dear brothers! Sheikh nibs. (qs). declared like this: “The mind of the master of the world is inadequate.Therefore,he can see just a short distance.However; the mind of the master of the next worldis very broad.He can see the long distances.They’re thinking becoming near to Allah Almighty via taqwa and worship.The master of the world has no zikr and thought except the world.Here,that’s why dear believers,the difference between the two is so clear.

My dear brothes! The minds of the masters of the next world are the minds of the Prophets,Martyries and Saints.As for the mind of the master of this world is the mind of the people who is dependent on his desire.Dear belivers,there are some conditions to obey in order to be a real owner of a mind,have an otherworldly mind.There are some reasons for obeying.These are thinking about the death,the things happening after the death, resurrection ,thinking Sirat,paradise and hell and by this way contemplating.

My dear brothers,as you know, the one who catch apparent illnesses feels weak,the determination of working loosens up.He can’t work as if he was healthy .Here it is,the one who catch spiritual illnesses is the exactly the same as this.He is loose on his worships.The worships becomes heavy for him.Even the namaz,Allah Almighty (swt) gave us as a binding duty,becomes heavy for him.Performing two ra’kats of namaz is heavy for him,because the spiritual illnessesmake him loose spiritually.Allah Almighty (swt) say for such people like this ;praying is heavy fort he people except the masters of îmân and conscious. For this reason,such kind of people are away from the kindness of Allah Almighty ( swt).

My dear brothers,the one having no mental balance,regarding namaz as a heavy duty is someone having weak îmân.Someone who has common sense, cured his spiritual illnesses fells happy when he begins praying.He spiritually finds a great pleasure in this and that’s why he doesn’t want to leave his namaz,because he finds Allah Almighty ( swt) in the namaz. There is no means between the one who prays and Allah (swt).The reason why he feels abundance,pleasure and spiritual things in this is having no spiritual illnesses in his heart.

My dear brothers! The moment of beginning to perform namaz is the happiest time of the one getting rid of the spiritual illnesses. Also,our Prophet ( p.b.h) says the greatest happiness is in the namaz.Dear brothers,someone,happy with his worship ,doesn’t want to leave it.He wants to go on it constantly, because he finds peace and happiness.He sees many blessings in it.Because of this,our Prophet (p.b.h) was praying night namaz y getting up at night.It’s so that ,his feet was swollen because of performing namaz when Allah Almighty (s.w.t) asks him ” Why are you torturing yourself though I forgive all your sins “,our Prophet (p.b.h) says like this ” If that’s so ,then shan’t I be your thanks giving man “.

Dear brothers, it’s a known matter that giving some kind of food to an ill person gives harm to him.This makes an deteriorating effect on him.That’s why it’s necessary to be away from these via dieting.Not all the drugs are good for him.In the treatment of spiritual illnesses,these matters are valid.

Dear brothers! There are some special conditions for curing the heart.Unless they obeyed ,it’s so that the worships that are performedand even performing the worships that Allah Almighty (swt) make a binding duty for us can’t be useful for curing the heart. Even, it’s harmful to the person.This includes performing namaz,fasting and other worships,too.

If there’s hypocrisy in the heart of the person performing the worships,if his deeds are not for Allah ,the worships are rejected.He can’t benefit from these.Performed worships have no effect and benefit for the heart.Because his performed worships are not in ihlas,that gives harm to him and his heart.

My dear believers! There are people fasting too much, they have nothing from their fasts except hunger and thirst.There are people performing night namaz too much,they have nothing from them except sleeplessness.There are people worshipping too much,performing their worships according to the apparent conditions,but because of having hypocrisy,showing off,spiritual illnesses in their hearts ,their worships are not accepted.They just have the difficulties.

My dear brothers! We should all know that the treatment of the hearts,the way of salvation from the spiritual illnesses are the accepted behaviours that our sadats show us.They worked for curing the muslims hearts.They endeavur for this way.

Being in their gathering is a recovery for us.because they are the doctors of our heart.Hearing their devotion to Sunna and guidance is a recovery for us.Their looks to us is Allah’s mercy for us.Because their being together with them,listening to their statements directs the mercy of Allah Almighty to us.Being away from them and their accepted behaviours is the greatest poison for us.

Dear belivers,the persn denying them, talking against them prepares the biggest sins for himself.Dear belivers,they’re endeavoring to remove the spiritual illnesses from our hearts and to make our worships accepted.

My dear brothers! The main spiritual illnesses is the love of the world,binding the heart to the world.Unless the love of the world is away from the heart,that heart’s treatment is too hard.I wish and plead from Allah Almighty for He makes our all deeds suitable for His consent.I again plead from Allah Almighty for He makes us from the ones curing their own heart illnesses and He protects us from these spiritual illlnesses,guards us. He makes our hearts be away from the love of the world and binds our hearts to Himself. Certainly,my Lord is capable of everything.


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