Having a Concsious Mind – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi

I begin my words with the name of Allah the almighty, IN THE NAME OF Allah, THE MERCIFUL, THE COMPASSIONATE And from Him do we seek help All praise be to Allah, the Sustainer of All the Worlds,and blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammed(salla Allah u alihi wa salam) ,and on all his Family and Companions. I give Allah the almighty my thanks and praises that people are getting together for the consent of Allah in the dervish lodge of Sheikh nibs here.

I also thank to Allah the almighty as the muslims are faithful to their belief.I thank to Allah the amighty again and again and I pray from him that he renders this İslamic view to the reality. As it is an islamic view right now, I pray from Allah the almigty that He (Allah the almighty) provides it to be spiritually islamic. I also pray that Allah the almighty make the muslims succesful in performing and reviving the accepted behaivors of the Sheikh nibs.We also pray from Allah the almighty that He (Allah the almighty) favours us such people that will revive these behaivor, will keep it, will keep it alive without political or beneficial thoughts and whom Allah the almighty gets them succesful in this way and teaches him.

I heard some words from My Father Sheikh nibs: He said: it is very hard and ardous work to fulfill the necessities of The Nakşibendi Haznevi orders and to walk on this path.Because, when one fulfills the orders of Naksibendi, he will get many great mitzvahs(merits or rewards given by the Allah the almighty) in return to this.

Dear brothers,These behaviors has such great mitzvahs(merits or rewards given by the Allah the almighty) that it is very difficult for the fleshy body of a person to fulfill these orders. So the fleshy crawings don?t want to obey these orders. Sheikh nibs told more about it : There are two ways for the humanbeing to choose; He will either yield to his fleshy desires and thus, he can?t get the the favors and benefits of Allah the almighty, or he will overcome his fleshy cravings and be patient of these difficulties,and get higher spiritual ranks by acting according to these orders.

A follower of a dervish order should have his own way of self-assesment. If it is very difficult for him to have accepted behaivors, to worship, to fulfill the principles of the Order and to read the Holy Quran, and If he likes illegitimate actings and fleshy desires, he should realize that he is still a beginner. And he hasn?t got any benefit of this orders.

Dear brothers, if a follower of a derwish, who likes illegitimate pleasures which are difficult for him to apply, could overcome his fleshy cravings and if he can oppose it openly and he can show patience on applying accepted behaviors, and if he can force his body to do these behaviors; it is understood that he has got spiritual ranks.Certainly, this follower carries out the necessities of the order and apply them.

Dear brothers,someone who tries to overcome his fleshy cravings and tries to teach himself accepted behaivors may face some difficulties at first.But as he goes on applying, carrying out these behaviors gets easier day by day.Now, He carries out the accepted behaviors easily and his manner gets to the best.He leaves the nefs- I emmare(the flesh which orders doing evil) an he reaches nefs-I mutmaine(found peace in obedience)From now on that person becomes a human like Beyazıd-I Bistami said below :

By forcing my flesh, I sended it to the Allah almighty
I forced it until it got happier.

Dear brothers, when a follower of a derwish, who is reasonable enough( someone who joins the orders of Sufism to get Allah the almighty?s consent,) is about to make a selection between obeying his fleshy cravings or obeying the rules of Allah the almight; he will certainly go towards the path of Allah the almighty and show obedience. Undoubtedly, This preference is the biggest proof that he is an intelligent man

Dear brothers, it?s understood that a person who is dependent on his fleshy desires has no courage.He has no control of himself.So his flesh(his ego and his selfihness) became superior to him and it controlled his desires.

My father, Sheikh nibs said that : There are such people that they sacrificed their spirits on this way and acquired those high positions in return.

Dear brothers, we feel regret.We feel regret when one leaves the way of salvation and feldh and leaves the trues path towards Allah the almighty for small and worthless things.

Dear brothers, each of us should consider about ourselves carefully. Which way are we on? Are we on a way that obey the desires of our flesh or on a way that is based on the accepted behaviors of the order of Sufism(nakshibendi)?

Dear brothers, we do not consider the order’s procedure important.we don’t consider recitings(repeating the names of Allah the almighty, repeating verses and surahs of the Quran ) important.While we are in this situation, How we will get to the ranks idenditified for us, how we will progress on this way.This is not possible.

Dear brothers, As for the reciting(repeating the names of Allah the almighty, repeating verses and surahs of the Quran ) Allah the almighty regularly (daily), one may think that it doesn’t need to be done in an instant or he may say to himself that I can do half of it and half of it is left incomplete for a very small, a mundane work or benefit.Dear brothers, such a follower(someone who wishes spritiual ranks) he unfortunately can?t know and realise where his profit is.That?s why he doesn?t consider these accepted behaviors(the essences of spiritual path) important.

Dear brothers, if we think carefully, we understand that the negligence of these accepted behaivors(the essences of spiritual path) is harmfull for us.One can?t have any profit in this case,.Most of us pay attention to a wealthy person and show him high estimation for his wealth as we may benefit from him.However, we forget that these princples of the order are the best benefits for us.We still become away from these accepted behaviors.If we had understood this, if we had realised, we wouldn?t be in this situation.

Dear brothers, we should pull ourselves together.We should consider about ourselves and .wake up to truth.We should observe ourselves whether we can live according to the principles of the order of Nakshibendi (the essence of sufism)and act according to the orders(with the commands and prohibitions of Islam) of islam.With the We need this to make our remaining life nicer and utilize the little time we have till the end of our life and make our whole life full of beneficiance.

Dear brothers, undoubtedly, following the path of the order?s Saints (dervishes of Islam religion and of this order of sufism)and the accepted behaivors which they develeoped means following the Sunnas and morals of Our Master Prophet Muhammed (salla Allah u alihi wa salam. And following the path of Our Master Prophet Muhammed means following the path of Allah the almighty. Undobtedly, it isn’t possible for us to grasp the high spiritual positions of dervishes of our order, their effort and the significance of this issue thoroughly.

I pray Allah the almighty that He bestows us common sense to follow their path and to carry out the accepted behaivors of them. Undoubteldy, Allah the almighty has the power over all things and He is the ALMIGHTY.

Al Fatiha.


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