Love Of The World – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi

In The Name Of Allah, The Merciful, The Compassionate

And from Him do we seek help All praise be to Allah, the Sustainer of All the Worlds,and blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammad(pbh) ,and on all his Family and Companions.

Allah the almighty consents to Our Sheikh, guide and teacher Şehidül-Haremeyn Sheikh Muhammad Haznevi .Allah gets him free of sin in his secrets, and gets him higher on in his otherworldy ranks

Dear Muslims, It’s really very glad for me to celebrate your Feast of Sacrifice on a day in which Allah the almighty shows his great mercy and blessings to his worsippers and to the pilgrims especially.

My wish from Allah the almighty is to arrive this holy day again and again in a way that we , the muslims are together, arm in arm, and has the comfort and peace in our own lands.

Allah the almighty makes us successful in fulfilling his orders, avoid sins, living according to the moral teachings of our master Muhammad (pbh), ensuring the unity and solidarity among the leaders of Islamic Countries and arriving this blessed eid al-Adha in a way that muslims live in peace, safe and honour.

My dear brothers, When I see you, this blessed and Islamic view, getting together for the consent of Allah in the dervish lodge of Sheikh hadrats, my heart fills with peace and gets more satisfied with you. This blessed view has us remember the days full of happiness.

My dear brothers, I, as a poor servant of Allah, feel the responsibilities of this difficult job you charged me with. You trust on me and charge me with this job. You say: this is the son of Sheikh hadrats and because of this you charge me with this job. I’m aware of its difficulty.

I appreciate you and your love, sincerity and loyalty to the Sheikh hadrat. You have come here to be with us in this blessed day, but people, on the religious eids, usually visit relatives or receive them to their homes to be together.

But you have come here the lodge of Sheikh hadrats instead of your homes, your relatives and your children. You firmly believe in and know that the spiritual relativeness and warmness to the Sheikh hadrats is superior than the one that is through the blood tie.

By coming here you prove that brotherhood and loving each other for the consent of Allah is superior to the relationship affection. So, every conscious person should join such meetings and should see himself lucky. Every person who loves himself, his citizens and his country should be pleased of this.

My dear brothers, you come here for the consent of Allah. Any of you hasn’t got a relation with the other because of a worldly benefit. You come to the lodge of Sheikh hadrats only the consent of Allah. I wish from Allah that He (Allah)make the connection between us stronger and shows me and you the truest way and doesn’t make us away from his true way.

My dear brothers, you are coming from all over the world. Perhaps it has taken thousands of kilometers you to arrive here.I feel the difficulties and responsibilities that is given to me by you. I don’t know how to thank Allah. I’m uncapable to thank Allah and I really don’t know how to welcome you and how to reward you.

My dear brothers, I have only one thing as a response to your trust and I never withold it from you.O Allah, reward these people for the sake of our Prophet Muhammad (salla Allah u alihi wa sallam ) and for the sake of your saints, don’t reject them. O Allah! They don’t come here for a worldly benefit, they come here just for you, they come for the consent of you. O Allah! Reward them, give them whatever they wish from you. And I also tell that: Such people with another one came on the eid day from a distance of thousands of kilometers away by quitting greeting their own relatives and their own families. O Allah! They came here as they are convinced that their relationship with the Sheikh hadrats is more closer than their own relatives. O Allah! Reward them, don’t reject their wishes from you.

My dear brothers, I exactly see your love to the Sheikh hadrats. Allah the almighty expands and increases this love among us and ensure co-operation among us. O Allah! consent their duas (prays), (ecir ) make them be successful in devoting themselves to their religion.

My dear brothers, if you hadn’t come here for the consent of Allah,it wouldn’t have continued it would have been interrupted and disappear. But, you come here for the consent of Allah and we also welcome you for the consent of Allah, so, I have got good news about it ; I wish that Allah the almighty will keep this relationship and these accepted ways.

If we wish that these meetings should go on like this, and if we wish that it should develop day by day we should feel grateful to Allah the almighty.Allah the almighty says in the holy Quran that: “If you are grateful, I will add more (favors) onto you. It’s not possible by only saying .Saying ? O Allah I’m very grateful for you’ isn’t enough for being grateful. Gratitude on this issue is acceptable by practicing the things which the Sheikh hadrats tries to practice, executing the orders and avoiding the prohibitions of Allah the almighty and having the moral values which the Prophet (pbh)

Sheikh hadrats spent all his life in this true way to keep these accepted behaviors. He devoted his life to this claim.We also should keep these accepted behaviors to which Sheikh hadrats devoted himself, so that we will have had the consent of Sheikh hadrats and also the consent of Allah the almighty.

Dear brothers, when a person receives a benefit from his child, he will be pleased and feel happy.If Sheikh hadrats will see a benefit from us, it will be : carrying out his accepted model behaivors and live a life according to these morals, carrying out the orders of Allah the almighty, avoiding from the prohibitions of Allah the almighty and acting according to the sermons and the advices of Sufi Scholars.

I heart from Sheikh hadrats,he said so : Imam Ebu Hazm visited Omer Bin Abdulaziz. Omer Bin Abdulaziz was the Islam commander of the faithful. He said to Imam Ebu Hazm ; O Imam! Give me some advice and sermons. And he responded : What must be told to you O Islam Commander of faithful. Assume that you are going to die at present. Think that you are sure that you are going to die a few seconds later, try to be in a situation that you would wish to die in, and try to avoid to be in a situation that you wouldn’t wish to die in. Nobody wants to die when he is sinful. Nobody wants to die While he is about to rape someone. Nobody wants to die as a liar . Nobody wants to die while behaving cruelly towards others.

This means that there is something which takes us away from Allah he almighty and from his orders. It’s the affection of the world. When the affection of the world is settled in the human heart, that affection causes his good ideas to decline. That man can’t think and judge properly anymore. Our prophet (pbh)said that : ‘Love of the world is the root of all evil.’ The love of the world is the reason of all sins. We should the ones who die as a warning. They passed on and couldn’t take anything away from this world. We should take the decease of Sheikh hadrats as a warning. We must tidy up ourselves and must live in the way of Allah the almighty. We must fulfill the orders of Allah the almighty and we must avoid the prohibitions of Allah the almighty.

I wish from Allah the almighty that he gives us the power to overcome the charming effects of the world. He places the love of Allah the almighty to our heart. Allah the almighty consents your duas and provide your comfort in the afterdeath in return to difficulties and troubles you had in this world. Allah the almighty gives you what you have deserved in return to your great pains in this world. Blessings and peace be upon our master Prophet Muhammad(pbh) ,and on all his Family and Companions.




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