O my Allah, I present my suffering only to You! – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. Thanks to Allah, the God of the universe. The most supreme salat and the most perfect greetings are to our guide Muhammad and His Imams and all his companions. May Allah Taala bless the saints, our honorable people and our Sheikhs. May Allah Taala bless our sheikh, our guide, our instructor Shedidul Harameyn Sheikh Muhammad whom we remember here today. May Allah bless his soul, sublime his authority and degree.

My respectable ulama brothers. The owners of wisdom, virtue and maturity. O the ornaments of this precious meeting! I would really like to get fruitful from them by mentioning their lives, even shortly, of each important figure who has attended today. However, time is an obstacle for that. Despite of this, they are already important figures. Their faces and virtues are also in my heart and chest. I wish that Allah, the Mighty and the Majestic, makes us all utilize from their honoring and beautiful faces. Because it is a worship to look at the face of a scholar.

Respectable guests! O the fonds of the Sheikh and precious lovers! I salute you all, young and old, man and woman from this chair. I salute you all with a fragrant greeting coming from above, Allah Subhanahu wa taala. I salute you with the salutation of our religion Islam and say that may the salutation, mercy and abundance of Allah be with you. I praise Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala for sending you here unharmed. I welcome you all with love. May Allah award you with a reward and prize. May He turn your struggles into comfort at doomsday. May Allah accept our good actions and meet due honour. He is the Almighty!

O my participative brothers! I wish you would know whenever I hear about the things said about this poor humanbeing, I feel a major burden. This sayings about my father, Sheikh kuddisesirruh is true! However what I say is that the sayings about me arise from the conversation between you and Sheikh kuddisesirruh and your benefit of the doubt. I wish that Allah Subhanahu wa taala deemed me of the reliability of Sheikh His Nibs and dependance of you, made me more beneficent than you think, and forgave my flaws you dont know.

My precious brothers! I should make you remember this hadith of the Prophet alaihissalatu wassalam: Our Guide commands: “Who does not thank people can not be grateful to Allah!” I, the poor humanbeing, am grateful firstly for countless and limitless goods given by Allah Subhanahu wa taala. The easiness showed in the building of this magnificent Islam castle and the crowd gathered here is the most obvious proof that there is religious freedom in this country. Thank Allah !

Every one, who does not abuse his religion for political and indiviual benefits, wishes and prays that Allah, the Almighty makes Syrian government succeed on matters about the goodness of this religion, on subjects about the honor and greatness of this ummah and on points about the benefits to the country and its people.

O my brothers! I wish that Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala accepts our good actions, makes this sacred place a lantern for the new lodge of Sheikh kuddisesirruh and the leaders of wisdom, truth and ability, makes it suitable at His sole discretion and write this good deed into the good actions book of Sheikh kuddisesirruh. I wish that Allah makes us all succeed to try for strengthening our country, our religion and our national solidarity.

Dear honorable participants! I can not put into words how happy and joyful I am because I am with my brothers, who carry torches to their paths, in this beautiful meeting. The guide of loyalty carvan have brought them here to attend remembering the memory of the Deceased who spent all his life spreading the religion of Allah. The major owner of goodness has evoked them, who have come here, to express the conversation which they have fed in their hearts to the human being who devoted his all life, soul, health and time to Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala. The longing they feel have brought them to this place. Their longing for the person whose only wish was the amendment of the individual and community, whose whole intention was to connect the hearts to Allah, the Almighty and plant seeds of conversation has brought them here.

The people have come here to prove their loyalty to the person who guided people in a true and real way, invited them to moderation and temperance, far from radicalism and extremeness spoiling the Sharia, and devoted his whole time to invite people to Allah Subhanahu wa taala with good advice and wisdom.

Whoever has a such life, he deserves his virtues to be written in history books. Whoever has such qualities, his memory needs to be written into the depth of hearts and his virtue needs to be remembered even if time passes quickly. His memory will not erase even if years change one after the other. The politeness is sharpened due to the memories of the important people like the one who we remember at this reunion and lessons are taken with by listening to their life stories.

O my participative brothers! If you let me, I want to say a few words for the soul of the person who was my father and also my sheikh: O my sheikh! And o my father! I can not tell the homesickness and solitude after you leave us. The intension of sadness and fire because of your leaving almost wounds our feelings! The days we have lived under your wings were still like a bairam! However, the years we have spent near you and in the presence of you were like just a few hours! Of course! Your fadeless memory will survive in the hearts of your fonds who you also depend deeply. Your way of life will be a route for your followers who you have educated themselves for years.

My worshipful Sheikh! Do the ones who envy you think that they can make us forget your memories even if years and days pass? Or do the ones who condemn you think that we will forget you because of the wound which we have by losing you? Never and not at all! I swear that we will never forget you so long as we live!

I take the anecdote in Quran of our Guide Yakub alaihissallam as an example. Someone says him: “(His sons: ) I swear to Allah, you still remember Yousuf. At last, you will be sick or completely perish. ” And Yakub answers them: “I present my grief and suffering only to Allah. ” I, the poor humanbeing, say after your separation and lost, my Sheikh, say: “I present my grief and suffering only to Allah.” And I sing gently these words:

“I complain to Allah, not the people.
I see the earth remains, but the friends die.
If something touches you other than death, my friends,
I would rebuke but death does not accept any rebuke. ”

My Allah! We complain about the intension of the homesickness that we feel because of the loss of our Sheikh and guide only to you. O my Lord! We complain about the strong grief and suffering that we feel because of the separation of our teacher and mentor only to you! But my Lord! We still say only what you consent: “We have come from Allah and will return to Him! ”

O the great mentor! May Allah bless your pure soul! You are near your Lord! Congratulations due to efforts you have made to strengthen the elements of this religion throughout your life, and goodness and advices you present to the humanbeings of Allah! The sapling that you planted with your sacred hands has grown and yielded fruit.

Here are your pure followers who you have educated to be with more goodness, well-behaved under your control, with the dhikr of Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala and devotion to Him, they are the guards of oaths and words which that gave you. They hold tight to the route you drew and left for them. Your words and preaches are always written in their hearts. And hopefully, your sect and way of life will always be represented via people who spreads the religion of Allah the Almighty with honesty and goodness. The doors of your guesthouse will continuously be open, your tables will always be prosperous and full of guests and visitors of this sacred place.

O my brothers! When I look at the virtues and works Allah granted to Sheikh kuddisesirruh, which we still benefit from these benedictions and these increase day by bay, when I see these all, I can not help myself begging to Allah taala with derogation and necessity, I put my turban up and want to wish and say “O my Lord!Let me thank you and regard me as your good man because you give benedictions to me and my father and good deeds which make me believe you. ”

My participative brothers! No doubt, there are a lot of meanings and praiseworthy situations of this faith synergy observed here. Some of them, this beautiful synergy voices the depth of interest and connection between the people of this ummah and helps the bond of fellowship connecting us all to each other to become stronger. This sacred synergy comprised of different languages and different cultures proves that the bond of religion is the absolute strongest bond to the whole world and the righteousness of the command of Allah ta?ala, “Only the believers are fellows!”

O my brothers! This synergy announces and declares the dimensions of their respect and regards to the religion of Muslims with its whole clearness and brightness. It is said that our Guide sallallahu alaihi wasallam commands so: “Who respects the world respects his Lord!” Showing respect to worthy people of this ummah is one of the most important factors strengthening the bond between the human and its Creator, and guarantees the real happiness of people both in world and beyond.

Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala has sent Muhammad alaihissalatu wassallam as a savior who enlightens the people from perversion to the right way, from ignorance to ingenuity, from darkness to the light for the humanity. And the scholars are the heirers of our Guide alaihissalatu wasallam. All the works of this ummah can only get better by showing respect and honor to the the supreme ones of wisdom, virtue and righteousness, and this ummah can only survive in this way. The life of this ummah can only get better by attending their gatherings, learning from them, practising their advices, going to the way they had taken over from our Guide Muhammad aiaihissalatu wasallam, and eternalizing their memories even after centuries.

O my brothers! On the other hand, walking away from the supreme ones of wisdom, virtue and righteousness, denying their virtues and beauties, forgetting or ignoring them, deforming their enlightening history and saying unpleasant things about them are one of the biggest means that causes Muslims to walk away from their religion and worshipping to their Creator. Thanks to the trustworthy and fair scholars, hadiths of our Guide has delivered to us truely. Thanks to them, Allah, the Almighty has protected the Quran from changes and manipulations.

Allah has taken people to the yard of real Islam thanks to the labours of scholars dependant to their religion and country, and inviter advisors like our Sheikh and Mentor. Muslims could rise to the level of goodness and maturity thanks to their help. They are guides showing Allah, the Almighty to the folk. Who raises us and revives our life happiness inside of us is them. The broadest door which the enemies of this religion enters to deform this ummah and disunite them is to create a rift between the folk and the supreme ones in that society and to bring them into doubt. When the bond of ummah drifts away and Muslims lose their faith to the good scholars and saints, only then this ummah weakens and experiences derogation and humiliation. Then, Allah forbid, they become just a chew in the mouhts of their enemies.

O my brothers! Here, this faith synergy is only and only repeating the fellowship and loyal words about the scholars with the wisdom of the sons of Islam, materializing the pure unity and agreement, pushing the differences of the ummah, putting the separations between the people of the ummah away and marching to a serene target.

My precious brothers! I think we should focus on maintaining the fundamental principles and high manners of this religion and dependance to Sharia at our gatherings and meetings no matter how deformed the time is. People can not benefit from anything enough other than they benefit from real manners and discipline. And they can not suffer from anything enough other than they suffer from bad manners and toxic, contradictory ideas.

O my brothers! Every one needs to understand this well: May Allah make his place the highest, make him a cure for our hearts and healing for our souls; reclaiming the annual meetings of Sheik kuddisesirruh enlightens our ways, protects us from the darkness of ignorance and delivers us to the bright end. Because the life and personality of Sheikh His Nibs forms a practical model for real Muslims and Muhammadis. And we gather the fruit by takind lessons. We also drink from the spring which Sheikh kuddisesirruh has drunk thirstily. Otherwise, my brothers, neither this remembrance nor this gathering has a meaning.

Dear participants! At the end of this beautiful gathering, I present my appreciation and gratefulness to you all for attending and honoring us, especially to the respectable scholars and the owners of virtue. Though this reunion has happened for one of them and also for them. May Allah award everyone who has contributed to this reunion with a goodness to his good actions and labours. I thank also to the honorable authorities who provide full support and easiness for this meeting. I wish success for them and maintenance of trust and stability for our country from Allah.

I wish that Allah makes you all benevolent, your steps constant and true and makes you all deliver your home safe and sound and reach the goodness. He is the Almighty. O my Allah! Salah on our Guide Muhammad and his Imams and Companions!

Al-Fatiha for the glory of the Prophet alaihissalatu wasallam, his Imams and Companions, our Saints and your past and Muslims who passed away, for the soul of our Sheikh!

I entreat Allah ta?ala for us all to be prized with the most beautiful gifts and to be granted belief at our last breath. He is almighty. Oh Allah! Blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammed(salla Allah u alihi wa salam) ,and on all his Family and Companions. Al-Fatiha …


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