Our Wife, Sons and Daughters are Custodials – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi

Thanks and praises shall be for Allah, the Lord of the Universe and salute and salad shall be upon our guide Muhammad, his imams and companions. Allah the almighty consents Sheikh Muhammed Haznevi who educated us and also promotes him higher spiritual ranks.

Dear muslims! Believe me that as a poor and weak servant of Allah, When I talk to people I get really upset. If it were possible, I would want a curtain should be between us.I want you to believe this by heart.Because the islamic scholars and supreme people died. They landed this heavy charge on me, the weak servant of Allah the almighty. Pray for me that I could come through this charge and carry out it succesfully.

Dear brothers! This is a heavy charge. It?s a charge that is difficult to bear. It’s also a big sin to misappopriate a charge. Allah the almighty says in Quran that : O ye that believe! betray not the trust of Allah and the Messenger, nor misappropriate knowingly things entrusted to you. ( Surah of Enfal : verse 27)

Dear brothers! Allah the almighty says to us not to betray Allah the almighty and His Messenger.When a person doesn’t carry out the commands of Allah the almighty, it means he betrayed the Allah the almighty. In order not to betray, it?s a must to obey the commands of Allah the almighty and get the accepted behaivors of Our Master (peace be upon him). If we do this, we become a trustworthy person.To underestimate this holy religion makes the man a sinful person. Nobody wants to appear before the Allah the almighty and His Messenger (peace be upon him) with a sinful character.

Dear brothers! Allah the almighty prohibits us to misappopriate. He (the almighty) says in Noble Quran that ? You also know how unpleasent the betrayal is. Betrayal is considered wrong by everybody. A betrayer has no value in the mind of people.

What is a charge? What does it include? A charge isn’t just made up of an invaluable object which somebody gave us and which we have kept and returned when its time comes.A charge is a very extensive notion. The spirit we carry and the cravings of the flesh we have are also a charge on us. If someone doesn’t keep his cravings of the flesh away from the sins and doesn’t lead it to good deeds it means that he doesn’t protect this charge. If someone keeps it from the sins and from the things forbidden by islam and slander, he becomes a trustworthy and an approved person in the sight of Allah.

The wife and the son and daugter of a person are a charge for him. If he brings up his daughters and son mannerly and in the good manners of islam, it means he protects the charge given to him. If he ignores their education and their spiritual development and he let them live at their own will, it means he betrays to the charge given to him.

The first mission of the parents who wants to bring their children up is to improve themselves and to get the good manners of islam. The boys generally take their father as a model for themselves. They imitate their father one to one. The girls generally take their mother as a model for themselves. If the parents have the good manners of islam, the children also take these good behaivors as a model for themselves.If the parents have bad manners, the children also take these as a model for themselves.

The fathers normally take care of their children for eating, drinking and clothing.They don’t want the lackness of these requirements. They endevour for this. While doing this, they lose the notice of something more important.That is the education of their children’s inner world. If there are bad friends around the child, one should take precautions before the moral of the child corrupts and corruption should be prevented.

My father Sheikh Nibs told about this subject that : Don’t goof of about bringing your child up according to moral principles. When someone entrusts something, we show maximum effort to keep it safe and not feel ashamed about it. Then why don?t we show the same effort for our wife, son and daughters which Allah the almighty entrusted us. Shouldn?t we keep the custodials of Allah the almighty and shouldn?t we be scared of these.

Dear brothers, If someone charge another as a betrayer, do you think that he will accept this accusation? Of course not. That’s OK do any of us like to be called as a betrayer in the presence of Allah the almighty. Of course nobody wants it. If someone underestimates the commands of allah the almighty and the religion of islam, and he neglects giving the good manners to his wife, his son and daugters, doesn’t that mean he is a betrayer in the presence of Allah the almighty.

Dear brothers! It decreases the value of the man not to keep the custodial and misappropriate it. It not only decreases the value of the man, but it also writes off the value of the man completely. He becomes worthless both in the sight of Allah the almighty and in the eyes of people. If he protects these values, he becomes notable both in the presence of Allah the almighty and in the sight of people. Our Prophet(pbuh) was called as Al- Amin before being a prophet.

I as a weak servant of Allah the almighty heard from Sheikh nibs, he said that : Luqman al-Hakeem was a blackish slave who worked as a shepherd. One day, he was preaching to public. Someone asked him that Aren’t you one that works as a shepherd in somewhere.? He answered ? Yes, it’s me.?They asked again, Then what made you be in this position. Luqman al-Hakeem answered ? What made me be in this position are speaking truly, being trustworthy, having no concern with other’s business.?

Allah the almighty commanded us to keep the custodials and not to betray them. He specified our cravings of the flesh and family members as a custodial for us. Allah the almighty commanded us to keep them from the hellfire. Allah the almighty says in Quran : . O ye who believe! save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is Men and Stones over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe who flinch not (from executing) the Commands they receive from Allah the almighty but do (precisely) what they are commanded.( surah tahreem verse 6)

Allah the almighty commands us not keep only ourselves from the hellfire. Allah the almighty commands us to keep ourselves, our family members and everybody for whom we are responsible from the hellfire. This verse includes a threat in it. Hell fire doesn’t resemble to the fire of this world. The fuel of the fire of the World is wooden. But fuel of the hellfire is men and Stones. Some islamic glossators claim that these stones are brimstones. This is another sign of severity of the torment. Because brimstones are harder than other stones. The guards of this fire powerful and severe angels. These angels are so powerful that, if one of them hits a mountain, it instantly destroys it.

Dear brothers! Allah the almighty states that these angels rebels to Him the almighty and kowtows Allah the almighty. These creatures are never deceived or convinced on something.What if Allah the almighty commands they carry it out without hesitation.

I heard from my father Sheikh nibs that the man comes doubled up because of the heaviness of his sins. To make matters worse, his wife, son and daugter comes and complains about him. O my Allah! Our father didn’t protect the custodial. He didn’t concern about our religion and worship. Please You the almighty get our due from him. While doubled up because of the heaviness of his own sins, the sins of his family are laid on him. You think about his situation in such a case.This is a big trouble and calamity.

The property Allah the almighty bestowed upon us is also a custodial for us. It will be asked to man how he earned and where he spent his money.If the money, Heaven forbid, is gained illegally, and spent on illicit things, it means that he misappropriated the custodial. If the money is earned canonically and spend on good ways, it means that it meets the case. Then he is a trustworthy person.

Our wish from Allah the almighty from his favour that Allah the almighty makes us succeed in protecting the custodial. Allah the almgihty safeguards us from being a betrayer. Allah the almighty resurrects us under the flag of Rasulullah(pbuh) with the islamic scholars of sufism.Allah the almighty is ever infinite in his power.

Salute and salad shall be upon our guide Muhammad(pbuh), his imams and companions.


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