Prof. Dr. Sheikh Wahbi Al Zuhayli – Mevlid Talk in Tal-Maruph

In the name of Allah, Most gracious, Most merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds. Salat and peace be upon immaculate and trustworthy Prophet, His Ahl-al Bayt, His companions and those who are dependent on them with goodness up to the doomsday. O! My brothers! Today and this hour are the most blessed and valuable time in which we are honored to be connected to this lofty religion, Quran and the sunnah of distinguished Prophet of Allah.In these blessed hours we also remember this: After the movement of jihad, Islam stood up with the fundamentals of the knowledge, knowledge of Allah and shining glory. In the memorial program of this year, we are mentioning the great foundation of Islamic movement which spreads out Islam and the religious knowledge in the east and west of the world, neighbor countries and distant countries.

This is the biggest sign of heavenly help and this is the duty of a sincere scholar. We ask Allah for pouring channels of mercy and will to Sheikh Izzeddin’s tomb who was the founder of this great community. We ask Allah for continuing this benefit and utility by means of his children. We pray Allah for carrying on this Islamic community as much as He wishes until He will take the earth and all creatures back.

Undoubtedly, this building which was constructed by Sheikh is a piece of material life building. It is the building of agricultural life. It is the building of economical life. It is the building of all Muslims and all Muslim communities. O! My brothers! I congratulate you and I also admit that we are unable to make those which Sheikh made in our universities. We have been teaching for half century and we are still teaching. We can’t have any followers. But, those thousands of people being composed of men, women, young and children are the biggest evidence of Sheikh’s sincerity and honesty in the invitation towards Allah.

O! My brothers! Make good use of this blessing and protect it at the very most. Confirm your unity, love and being dependent on Sheikh, because this is being dependent on Islam. We present you only a sum of Quran and sunnah. However, they are the sincere scholars who stimulate us for being dependent on this action and message. When their souls return to Allah, we feel their absence. Even if we lose them, their light will continue to enlighten, shine, stay and influence in the nafs of adults and children. Islam is a trust for us. Those, who teach and remind us this trust, are the sincere scholars, especially this blessed Sheikh.

This Sheikh and the works that I saw in this holy place remind me of Imam Mahdi and Imam As-Sanusi’s actions who lived in the beginning of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Those sincere scholars wanted people to return their former honor and strengthen the bond of Islam in their nafs.

Our beloved Prophet (may salat and peace of Allah be upon Him) says that: In the beginning of every century almighty Allah will send those who renew the religion to this ummah. So, may your scholar and Sheikh be blessed to you. Embrace his morale, be bound to the hidayah he brought, be faithful when you are dependent on him by realizing the purity of Islam and greatness of Quran. Not only read Quran, but also put into effect its orders in all time of your life. Put into effect the sunnah of our selected Prophet in your moral, principles, lives, and in your works about the world and hereafter. It is the message of a Muslim.

It is the message of moral, faith, belief, renewal and civilization. It is such a message that Muslims always and everywhere feel proud of it. This message can’t be destroyed, this ummah doesn’t die, and these Muslims will go on being thorn in the eyes of their enemies. Nobody can destroy this ummah as Allah guarantees to protect this ummah, its history, Quran, the sunnah of Prophet and values of scholars.

I ask Allah for giving us all goodness. May Allah grant us sincerity for His will. May Allah arouse Islamic nationalism and effort in our hearts. May Allah grant us the power of Islam for bringing freedom back to our land that is dirtied by our enemies. (O you who believe! if you help (the cause of) Allah, He will help you and make firm your feet.)

May Allah make your works, and works of the organizers of this program that we always mention in our dreams and hearts blessed. Lastly, I want to remind you of this hadith which became true on Sheikh and his equals: Whoever invites to guidance will receive the reward like the rewards of those who follow him and that will not diminish anything from their rewards. Whoever invites towards a sin, he will receive the full punishment as those who listened to him without their punishment being diminished in the least.

I pray Allah for being pleased with us and helping us in invitation of guidance and divine light. I pray Allah for making us those who serve for Quran, sunnah of the Prophet, scholars and profit from them.

I supplicate Allah for being dependent on those scholars, listening their lessons and sermons, walking on their path to which they direct all people without expecting any response and thank. May peace, mercy and abundance of Allah be upon you!


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