Talks in Germany I – Seyh Muhammed El-Haznevi (k.s)

Dear Muslims, we are here on the occasion of Shaikh Izzeddin Haznavi’s death. These religious sign, Islamic weather are making all of us very happy. But don’t content with only outer appearance. There is a meaning at the back of this program. Let’s draw a lesson from this program being organized on the occasion of Shaikh hadrats and let’s comprehend the hidden meanings of it. Let’s benefit from the sayings. Let’s act with what we heard and fulfill all the hadiths, sermons and advices which are antidotes for our soul. Let’s draw a lesson from them.

All Haznavi guides, especially Shaikh Izzeddin Haznavi hadrats were like a huge mountain in terms of their characteristics. They spent such a beautiful life, lived in bright and clear Islamic understanding, and they published them to people. After we know these, we should put these model lives into our nafs and life.

Shaikh Izzeddin Haznevi Hadrats had really understood tasawwuf, performed the real tariqa and as we said before, he had performed these two principles in a very good way. He had understood and performed tasawwuf in a very genuine way. So, this tasawwuf came as a real and alive model to the present time. Some people used tasawwuf for getting properties. They had understood tasawwuf that the students would give money to their hodjas and, the hodjas would enjoy themselves. Some of them are like those. But the understanding of shaikh was far from those. It is very upright, pure and according to Islamic life.

Some people can’t sea the truth since the leaders of them don’t know it. They make matters worse while trying to be helpful. While they want to serve the religion with this improper understanding of tasawwuf, in fact they frustrate it. Instead of serving knowledge and religion they don’t realize the mistakes they did. They’re introducing the genuine tasawwuf alongside the false one and the real alongside the dream. Of course, they don’t know since their leader guides don’t know. Some of them ruin the beautiful vision of Islam and tasawwuf with their mistakes, exploitations and struggles for properties.

It doesn’t matter how much and how dense disturbances, disorders, superstitions and those who help it there are. I modestly have an advice and a will for you. As you know well, love, and dependent on shaikh Ahmed Haznevi and shaikh Izzeddin Haznevi, so, I want to advise you: Wherever you are save yourself in spite of all difficulties and bad situations, be a good person. Let’s others take you as a model. Do good works and convey them to people. Especially it is my request from you.

Pay attention to teaching and training of our religion. Take up Hadrat Mohammed Mustafa’s sunnah very tight. Be painted with the paint of worthy people serving these two principles, guides and tasawwuf. Saving personality, religion and faith is possible only by this way. Light the way for your nafs, be beneficial. Light the way for the others, too. Show the way and guide them. Have benefit and spread it to the others. Be your heart full of Allah’s love, wherever you are. Don’t be carried away, bear or deign to the temporary and useless pleasures of the world. Give up the mortal world in terms of abandoning wrongs. By abandoning wrongs and wrong pleasures, we should gather up our skirt.

If you act with these sayings and live Islam, you, your family members, your children and relatives are saved and recover your peace of mind. You get the bliss of world and the hereafter. Thus, your children keep their religion, take up it and I hope they won’t have fallen into amazement and darkness.

May praises and thanks be for Allah who makes me come here together with Muslims and give me this chance. May Almighty Allah grant you and my brothers inviting me this program the most superior merit and kindness.

Dear brothers and sisters I came here in the previous years, too. I wondered and walked around in Europe and in the other countries. Thank Allah, I saw a lot of people who love Islam, give their heart to it, repent for their sins, and return from disobediences by means of our coming.

May Allah give them patience and not get them fired. May he not return them from the point they improved. May he make all of us love Islam and show us disobediences and sins as disgusting.

Dear brothers and sisters, these improvements showed me the way and I hope they will have encouraged me for the next years. As we see this goodness, beauty, meeting, crowd and inclination to Islam, we will often come here in the next years.

I want you pray for me. All of you pray for me that I may go to the path of Shaikh hadrats. Let me not leave from my father’s path. Let me understand Islam and Tasawwuf like him. Let me live like him. He is the summary of Islam and so I should spend my life, effort, time and all my opportunities for not deviating from his path. Please, pray for me, my father, shaikh hadrats gave me a great responsibility, he made me wear a spiritual robe.

Dear muslims and my honored sisters and brothers! Please pray for me that I can carry this responsibility. May Allah give me strength. Pray that I don’t dirty this robe which represents the manner of shaikh hadrats spreading out the world in a real, bright and clear way. Let me not blacken the name of this robe. Let me not leave from the path of my father and my leaders. I want you pray for me in this subject.


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