Talks in Germany II – Seyh Muhammed El-Haznevi (k.s)

In the name of Allah, the most merciful and the most compassionate, May praises and thanks be for Allah. May prayers and peace be with our beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.v) and his companions.

Dear brothers, sisters and guests, before I talk I want to great you with the greeting of Islam which is a perfectly correct religion. May the peace, grace and blessings of Almighty Allah be with you. I embrace all of you sincerely and I would like to thank people performing this organization and inviting me here. In the presence of you I congratulate them who conduce to this beneficial organization.

Dear Muslims, I don’t exaggerate. I say it is true that it makes me very happy accepting the invitation of my brothers that performed this organization and coming here. I was pleased and affected very much. May praises and thanks be for Allah who makes me come to this modest organization. Thus in this regard we can talk about my guide, teacher and father ‘Shaikh Izzeddin (k.s)’ who had taught people and generations good manners, directed them and interested with their loftiness.

There is such confusion in hearts that it can be removed only by directing toward Allah. There is such wildness in it that it can leave only by being with Allah. The sorrow in heart can pass away by mentioning Allah, remembering Him, and being with Him. This great confusion pass away by loving Allah, having loyalty, behaving in an intimate manner and being in His mind and zikr. Then, these wildness and loneliness are transformed into intimacy and friendship.

In this century people go away from the religion, do the forbidden things, ignore the religious duties and rebel against Allah. Shaikh hadrats declared that it was only by turning towards Allah and following the path of İslam, the perfectly correct religion, that people reached the peace of the world and the hereafter and had a happy life. He showed this truth to people. Thank to Allah, Shaikh’s efforts about the way of truth and his guidance were blessed and almighty Allah gave results and returns of them.

Shaikh hadrats was accepted in everywhere he had been and had gone, because he was a man that became mortal in the almighty Allah’s love. So, his words were effective, his actions and works were acceptable by people. He had lofty qualities and big perfections. He used to look at the world, which people esteem very much, from another sight. He saw the world like a person who got on a plane and saw houses and buildings as a matchbox. After Shaikh hadrats had passed away from this world, he leaved us a clear and saintly tariqa as a trust. His manner was always accepted by people.

Dear brothers and sisters, I hope that this religious talk and coming together have pleased you and me. We are so needy to such meetings that Muslims come together with their bodies and hearts. We are brothers and sisters in terms of religion. Almighty Allah ordered in one of the verse of Qur’an: “Undoubtedly Muslims are brothers and sisters.” Especially in these lands, Muslims need to come together in the atmosphere of brotherhood and sisterhood. How a big religion İslam is that it ties us each other. There is such a strong tie that it isn’t affected for being in different places. Even the death can’t cut this connection. This connection among us is everlasting, because almighty Allah has established this. People can’t break anything that Allah has established.

But, in spite of this truth and our religious brotherhood, I can’t say that our manner is very good. Our situation is like this: Think a brother and sister whose parents are the same. They lost each other. One of them is continually looking for her in deserts and mountains. At this moment he sees a dark image. He imagines it as a predacious animal, a lion or a tiger. Later, when he gets closer to it, he understands that it is a person. Then, he thinks that the person wants to waylay him for taking his money, and properties. He draws his sword. When the person sees this, she also draws her sword. When they get closer and meet face to face, they see that they are brothers and sisters. They are crying for this unnecessary separation.

Now, let’s take up this example and apply it into our situation. What leads to separation Why we fall into disagreements Why we don’t love each other What is there to not agree with each other There is nothing.

Why the people, who are brothers and sisters in terms of religion and tied to each other strongly, can’t understand each other What is the reason for that I think, this manner is the trap, trick, dissension and hate of the people who are against religion and Muslims. So, I invite all my brothers and sisters of Islam to be a unique body. They have to raise the separation and division between them. Almighty Allah’s will is so. He orders “cling to Allah’s rope very tightly and never separate from each other.”

Today because of the wild, manic, aggressive and harsh enemy, Muslims are in trouble. It makes no difference for him; big or small, woman or man. He wants to put away everyone from the baby to the old. For instance, our brothers in Palestine writhe in pain and Masjid-I Aksa is strange. They call out to all Muslims from the heart and they say “Please, don’t leave us alone.” I wonder what the answer of Muslims who have to be collaborated today, to these cry and wronged oppressed voice is.

In order to remain standing, a nationality or community need to the principles that constitute it. It needs to become united around these principles of religion, culture, history and the past. Thus, unity and togetherness can’t become scattered. Look at Israel which is at the centre of the Islam world and Islam countries. They save their language and religion. They speak Hebrew and they teach it to their children. They don’t neglect their traditions and culture. They transfer them from one language to another from one generation to another. They always keep them alive. They are in unity. Even they have scattered to different places of the world, they are always a unique body. If that’s so, how do Muslims need to be against this situation As a Muslim, don’t we need to be together in terms of religion, culture, beauty of history, and transfer them to generations for getting strong Surely, it needs. Unfortunately, Muslims living in Europe forgot their religion and Islamic faith. They left their worships, prayers and traditions. They imitated the others, not Islam. They haven’t got any effort. May God forbid, they are just about to lose their vitality. They changed Islam for a handful of brand, dollar and desires which attract nafs. This isn’t appropriate for any Muslim who has Allah, the prophet and giblah.

It is the tradition and sunnah of Allah that a group among Muslims confirmed by Allah, occurs. It appears in front of the people and in the scene of history, has great and beautiful features, leads to benefits and guides people in terms of goods. It is an inevitable event. If there are faith, fidelity and intimacy in hearts, our hearts must shed tears of blood because of that situation of Muslims.

I want to remind you, though I am not appropriate for reminding. The matter is so: Almighty Allah says: “Remind people, Reminding is surely useful for Muslims.” Dear brothers and sisters the matter I want to remind is that: Muslims! Save your identity of Islam, get your individuality under control. Don’t forget your beautiful traditions.

Our beloved prophet (s.a.v) says: “If one looks like a nation, he will be from it.” In that case, we should get our way of clothing, walking, sitting under control by our manner and act in everywhere. We should do anything our culture and religion want. Thus, our identity can’t disappear and we can’t be lost. But some Muslims leave their customs and beauties since their understandings are inadequate and they can’t use of their mind. They are melting in the others’ crucible. They are following them and so they are getting lost. This is a case that saddens people.

Dear Muslims, Islam enemies enter into Islam from two different doors and they tried to deceive Muslims with two different ways; doubts and lusts. Doubt is a very important thing in the religion. If one gets suspicious about his faith and belief, the end of him is very bad.

Lusts are surely vey difficult things to endure. Youth is well against doubts but they have weakness about the lusts. Being saved from lusts and doubts is easy for only those who are linked with an Islamic, religious circle, think the torment of Allah and hope his acceptance. Never fall into lusts or doubts. You shouldn’t open your doors to those who knock with them. Doubts are difficult to be opposed to and they like an illness whose end is death. Before that illness appears, it is possible to look for remedy in order to be protected against it. Lusts look like such an illness that they cause one to come down with weakness slowly, and they weaken him but they don’t kill him at once. Thus, there is such a difference between doubts and lusts. It has been given such an example in order to show how dangerous and destructive things lusts are: Take a thousand of young and give them ten hodjas. Those hodjas preach and guide them in terms of religion. They always talk to them the beauty of chastity and integrity. Then, if suddenly a woman comes in an obscene way, all of the efforts that the hodjas did during a year turn out to be nothing. Here, it is an alive example that shows the present situation and how efforts disappear.

Dear Muslims, I want to present you a point. If Muslims living in these countries in Europe improve their nafs and their children, spend a smooth life and live in the way of Islam, they will be honor both for themselves and Islam World. If they don’t put their religion into effect, don’t improve themselves and not live in the way of Islam, they will behave cruelly both towards themselves and Islam. In fact, these kinds of people give their descendants the biggest harm. It’s as if they sacrificed them. Since they didn’t live anymore, the generation coming after is being sacrificed. Allah forbid, they are getting disappear. So, if a person goes away from Islam, his descendants, children and grandchildren will be sacrificed for these trouble, moral depression and impiety. Allah forbids!

Dear Muslims, the religion ‘Islam’ spreaded out both in the east and west of the world by means of faithful, honest merchants and travelers, loyal and worthy Muslim communities. However, those people had not even said “We are Muslims” and they had not even told too many things to people. Since their shopping was right for Islam and they never deceive anyone, the people had been affected by them and wanted to learn who they were. When they had learnt that they were Muslims, they had chosen Islam by saying “Then we join in Islam, too.” Thus, Islam had been widened by this way.

Here, I’m saying at the top of my voice that Muslims living in these countries are in trouble. They need to have something to be supported and lean on, but there isn’t anything. At the same time they are face to face with moral depression, obscenity and assaults of people who want to attack their precious values. Both they and their family members, children were in trouble. I want to say and declare this. My advice to these people is this: In order to protect his religion, faith and belief he should immigrate to another place where he and his family members can live in an honorable way. He should immigrate from here to that place, he shouldn’t keep both himself and his family in such a fire and dissension. My advice is so. May Allah give all of us correct and perfect wisdom that we can think of these subjects deeply and do what is necessary for them.

After all, I want to return our main subject; Shaikh hadrats. Shaikh Izzeddin Hadrats, who had chosen the path of our beloved Prophet (s.a.v) and imitated his invitation, was such a respected person that he had invited people to the path of companions, showed them benefit and goodness, guided and directed them. His model of invitation was Prophet Mohammad (s.a.v).

There are two features of Shaikh’s invitation. One of them is not to deal with politics. The other is not to want Dunya (the world) from anyone and not to accept it. Shaikh hadrats was far from these subjects with which most of guides and scholars were in trouble. He wanted to spend his own properties for all his benefits he did. He was also doing so. He was refusing the helps coming from outside.

Shaikh’s invitation is moral and pure. He was inviting people with his performance and acts. When people saw him and knew his life, they were learning moral purity, kindness, beauty, chastity and conviction. He was encouraging people on goodness with his acts before his words. He had already been in that goodness. So, he was a lively model and a model person. While he was inviting people to their Lord, he was never thinking of his self-interest. It didn’t matter it was big or small; anyway he was pushing his self-interest background. He was saying “The profits of Muslim are very important.” Shaikh hadrats had been a lively model to the people around him, living at his time and to those coming after him. He had also spent a perfect life.

Dear Muslims, I’m finishing my talk here and I want to hear the good words about my father and Islam from the other people, too. Thus, I’m leaving the chance of talk to my dear friends who are hodja. May Allah bless you. May peace, abundance and mercy of Allah be with you.

Dear brothers and sisters, at the end of this program I’m thanking to all my brothers who attended this modest program and to those who worked hard for it. This program has been organized for the holy person who sacrificed and spent his life, comfort and properties for Allah and the benefits of people. May Allah write the most superior merits to our entire brothers’ and sisters’ performance books.


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