The Feast of the Sacrifice First day Speaking Tel-İrfan 2008 – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi

I here start my words by the name of God, who is compassionateand gracious. All praise the creator of universe and revence and hail Mohammed the prophet and people who were close to him. My dear fellows, I once heard this from my father sheikh highness (k.s): A follower must first have a feeling of complete creed and surrendering in order to benefit, draw advantage and reach the mercy of almighty God (c.c).

My dear fellows, the reason why, may god be pleased with them, the followers of Mohammed the prophed has reached that superior rank was that they strictly believed in the orders that were revelated to Mohammed the prophet, they obeyed all of his declarations, they carried out all of his orders accurately and they stayed away from prohibitions. People close to Mohammed the prophet surrendered themselves to him completely. Almighty God (c.c) point this out in the versicles of Quran; Almighty God has decreed that the prophed (a.s) had faith in what was revelated to him. Muslims also had faith with him’.

My dear fellows, how can a person, who belongs to Naqshbandi-Haznevi tariqa, who has this intimacy as a gift by God, who wishes to act according to the customs of this tariqa, will reach these yearnings of his if he doesn’t have the feeling of creed and surrendering

My dear fellows, one day I heard an anectode from my father sheikh higness as such: Once upon a time four people set on a journey across the world. Their aim was to find a spiritually mature guru and be subjects to him. They were walking through the desert. They met a flock of camels. There was a black shephard pasturing the flock. They went next to the shephard. The shephard asked them; ‘Where are you heading for ‘ The said, ‘We are looking for the spiritually mature guru. We are on a journey for this’.

My dear fellows, the shephard immediately turned upon himself and thought for a while. Then he opened his eyes and said ‘I traveled around the whole world. I explored, meditated and couldn’t see a guru you can benefit except myself.’ Two of these four people immediately became subjects to the shephard. Thy had oath from him, they committed themselves to him. They started to have their deeds next to him. They benefited from him. However, the other two friends avoided surrendering. They were late, they fell behind. They couldn’t make use of his wisdom. They didn’t deny him completely, but there was doubt in their hearts. They had the solicitude wondering ‘how They could surrender themselves to a shephard and make use of him’.

My dear fellows, reaching the consent of Almighty God (c.c) is only possible with obeying to God, straining, being decent, being modest, being submissive, having complete creed and gain morals with the morality og Mohammed Mustapha the Prophet (a.s). Those who is dependent on his sensual urges, who yield to flesh, who doesn’t keep away from worldly possessions and who doesn’t protect himself will not be able to progress and will be stranded. Just as when a car breaksdown while its owner is on the road. Thus, he suffers a vehement pain and becomes exhausted. Just like this, a person who depends on the flesh comes across very violent difficulties and can not reach his destination and perishes.

My dear fellows, if we really comphrehend the grace of Almighty God, know what the truth of the benediction he has created is, and realize the value of the felicity Almighty God has blessed us with, then our hearts will burn for the God with fervor. If we don’t have this feeling, then it means that our hearts became distanced from Almighty God.

My dear fellows, I deplore and am sorry to say that hearts have turned away from God (c.c). Posessions of the world, affairs of the world which is evanescent have distanced us away from Almighty God (c.c). If the heart turns away from God (c.c) becomes distant from invoction, saints and morality of saints, then how will this heart reach its aim, how will it reach its goal

My dear fellows, how can a person who is not arduous, who can not correct his own deficinecies reach his aim As the poet puts it, those who doesn’t taste it don’t know about this beauty, but who gets the taste of it sacrifics his soul to this road. That’s why, worthy Muslims, we must commit themselves more to the prayers and piousness of Almighty God (c.c), to propriety and good manners as the followers of sheikh highness.

My dear fellows, the aim of your presence here is to have a spiritual benefit. Most of you have seen my father Sheikh highness (k.s). You listened to his preachings and advices. You followed his guidance. What is necessary for us is that you act with what we hear. Then you must convey these good manners to your families, friends and neighbours.

My dear fellows, we must be different from other people with our morality, prayers, our decency and good manners. If we don’t have such a difference, then we didn’t understant anything from these customs. It means that we devoid of advantage although we came here by leaving our wives and children.

My dear fellows, we must have tolerance and patience in order to acquire the mentioned ranks, aforesaid maturities. Because, worhiping to Almighty God (c.c), practicing our deeds with the manners of sayyids is only possible with patience. My dear fellows, my father often uttered this couplet: Oh the flesh! You want to acquire superior and precious things in a cheap way. But one who wants to take honey from the shell has to tolerate the stings of the bees.

My dear fellows, what has been ordered to us are not easy tasks. This tasks is not easy at all. It needs striving. Endeavoring is necessary. If striving and endeavorinf is not involved, a person can not attain spirituality. Because signs of what a person has done must be observable. A person who wants to practice deeds, learn wisdom, become skilful, have the consent of God (c.c) must pay attention to the talk of sayyids. Deed is harder than knowledge. What is more difficult than the deed is pure intention. Pure intention is when all the manners and attitutes are for God (c.c). It is when everything is for the sake of God (c.c). It should not be in the pretentios ‘I am good, a follower and a sincere person’ way so that other people can see this. One should not be conceited.

My dear fellows, good intentions is more important than any other thing. That’s right, it is essential for a person to practice deeds, that his deeds are observable. However, good intention is more important than this. If a follower does not act with good intentions, if he is practicing deeds only to show off, if he is striving to give the impression that he is pious and mannered, in the end you will see and know that this person is broken and exhausted. That he found nothing.

I wish and supplicate from Almighty God (c.c) that he assists us on the way to real creed and surrendering. That he guides us to practice our deeds with the manners of Sheikh highness (k.s) and approve all our deeds to God’s generous grace. Iy is surely beyond doubt that my God is omnipotent.



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