The Life Of Sheikh Muhammed Al-Haznevi


Sheikh Muhammad (k.s) was the most favorite student and the most perfect follower of Sheikh Izzeddin (k.s). Sheikh Izzeddin brought up him like a rose by saving him from badness and did his best for him in order to be beneficial for the human beings. So, Sheikh Muhammad had the most lofty values of moral, faith and knowledge. He was an unequalled and perfectly matured murshid.

Sheikh Izzeddin mentioned about Sheikh Muhammad with praise in many times before his death. He explained that Sheikh Muhammad had a perfect faith and he was a person filled with the love of Allah. He was also in a perfect manner for guiding people.

This condition isn?t limited only with Sheikh Izzeddin hadrat. Even though Sheikh Muhammad was younger than Sheikh Ahmad, Sheikh Ahmad praised him 50 years ago and pointed out his abilities, superior values and qualities. He said ?This man will raise our fame? and pointed out the importance of his position. Both Sheikh Masum (k.s) and Sheikh Alaaddin (k.s) were trembling for him very much. They tired to bring up their nephew in the best way that had lofty virtues like faith, ikhlas, love, service, self-sacrifice and high moral. They were so trembling for him that, in the event that he was hurt, while playing game, they were upset very much and accusing each other. (This was the manifestation of reality which would come true and which was felt by these mature people).

The great virtuous scholar Sheikh Mustafa Buga, who had given lesson to Sheikh Muhammad when he was young, said that the years passed with him were the best times in his life. He expressed that he felt proud of this. Sheikh Mustafa Buga expressed the superior and unequalled qualities of Sheikh Muhammad in all his talks. He said many times that sheikh Muhammad passed him much more. This scholar who knew well Haznavi family, especially Sheikh Izzeddin hadrat and Sheikh Muhammad hadrat, had an important place among the scholars in Islamic community with both his personality and his works. In one of his talks in the memoriam ceremony of Sheikh Izzeddin (k.s) in Tal-Maruph, he called Sheikh Muhammad to get started works in order to find solutions to the problems of Muslims and gather the Muslim scholars. Thus, he confirmed clearly the superior qualities of Sheikh Muhammad.

Sheikh Arabi Kabbani, the mufti of Lebanon, the scholars in Lebanon, the chairman of Religious Affairs of Syria, The Emirates of Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait and Arabia, scholars and writers coming from Sudan always mentioned about Sheikh Muhammad and Haznavi Murshids as being big masters, respectful scholars and muttaqi leaders in the meetings they took part in Tal-Maruph. This situation is not limited with them. In spite of being against tasawwuf, the scholars in Kuwait and in the other places understood the value of Sheikh Muhammad, showed respect to him and his thoughts, appreciated his understanding of tasawwuf and his path, when they knew him.

Wahbi Zuhayli who had an important place in the branch of fiqh in Islamic world had come to Tal- Maruph as a guest. He didn?t like tasawwuf and ahl-i tariqa too much. But, after he had got acquainted with Sheikh hadrat and had seen the greatness of his knowledge, his uniqueness in modesty and taqwa, his gentle and compassionate manners, superior moral virtues and his adherence to the sunnah, he understood how a good scholar he was. He was not an ordinary person and his was not an ordinary encounter. His heart softened and his thoughts changed.

Those like Sheikh Muhammad are adorned with saintly attractiveness. This is a situation in their essential nature. This situation, which occurs by means of the abundance of Allah, leads people to love and turn towards them. Thus, they become closer to each other with this intimate love. Owing to this closeness, they teach people good manners. Those people whose disposition is love of Allah illuminate the people dependent on them and make them adhere to Allah.

As it is known, it is too difficult (sometimes impossible) for a person to be successful in any work on his own without any master or teacher. It is a rare blessing to get the guidance of experienced and expert people. For this reason, people need to murshids and moral educators in order to be spiritually mature, improve their moral and mature their faith. This necessity is so much nowadays, because mischief-making and disturbance are more organized and stronger in nowadays than in the past. It is possible to abstain from these by acquiring good manners from perfectly matured people like Sheikh Muhammad Haznavi (k.s) and Sheikh Muhammad Muta (k.s). Their attractiveness, moral excellence, abundance in their genealogy and good manners they acquired make people away from sensual and worldly desires. It is an unequaled blessing of Allah for nowadays people.

Sheikh Hadrat was one of the unique scholars from whom one could take Religious Knowledge. People should acquire religious knowledge from the scholars who remind them Allah, strengthen their faith and improve their moral. Sheikh?s face was shining like moon and giving people peace. His smile gave different beauty to his face as if it were taking people to Asr-i Saadat (Time of Happiness) and bringing them nice breeze from it. It is an evident fact that those who invite people to the path of Allah are the biggest friends of people. Those who are responsible for the invitation of Allah continue the duties of prophets. Of course, on the condition of being expert, they are in a great position and responsible for a big service. Sheikh Muhammad who undertook that responsibility paid attention to understanding Allah and removing different kinds of suspicions from the religion. He was always telling people that he didn?t want the properties of world and he didn?t deal with politics to get benefits and have a statute. His purpose was inviting people to the path of Allah and not using anything worldly while doing it. This is one of the biggest evidences of him to be a praised religious scholar.

Sheikh Hadrat spent all his efforts and money for the Islamic movement. It was seen that the people coming to their dargah and dependent on them changed in a very short time, got the religious and Islamic qualities and started to perform religious duties. There were such people among them that they had been addicted to drug and gambling, and seized the others? money by violence before they became religious. However, if you see them now, you will realize that they have become like angels. Now, they are in such a manner that they are paying great attention to avoiding forbidden, performing religious duties and taking great care in Sunnah. As you see, those people became religious by means of Sheikh Hadrat and his tariqa.

The dargah of Sheikh Hadrat was upon knowledge. Every Haznavi murshids (guides) are among the biggest scholars of their times. This path was transferred from one scholar to another. Sheikh (k.s) educated about two thousands students in the madrasah of religious knowledge in Tal-Maruph. He met all the needs of students like eating, drinking and sheltering from his own income. He opened all the doors for those who were poor but had love of learning Religious knowledge. He tired to make them beneficial for Islamic community. This situation was not limited with school years. He also married the poor graduates with his opportunities. His wishes from those students were teaching Islam wherever they went, performing the duty of Amr-i bil Maruph and Nahy-i anil Munqar, trying to perform all these good manners and make them widespread.

Sheikh concerned about people in every class of society in his trips having a goal of guidance (irshad) and he tired to strengthen religious conscious. In order to guide people he went to some places where official authorities and civilizations had never gone. Even the people leaving there were surprised because of this situation. When they knew this lofty person and listened to his talks, they devoted themselves to him so much that it couldn?t be expressed. When the Sheikh offered them to send a scholar who would teach them their religion, they accepted it instantly. Thus, they both entered path of Naqshi-Haznavi and got the peace of dunya (the world) and the hereafter. Sheikh Muhammad had great patience, endurance and compassion for Muslims. He treated them fatherly and tried to solve their problems. Some times, he listened to their problems for hours and gave them advices. Although there was platin in his feet because of traffic accident he had, he was sitting on his knees politely and talking with people. He solved too many disputed problems and overcome them with his wisdom. Moreover, a lot of vendettas resulted in peace by means of him. His existence was the source of peace and blessing.




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