The Life of Sheikh Muhammed Muta Al-Haznevi


In the name of Allah, the most merciful and the most compassionate;

Praise be to almighty Allah who created the universe with love, honored the world with his friends and thus, showed his compassion for people. Peace and prayers be upon the Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa-who was the greatest teacher of love, leader of the lovers and darling of the universe- his companions and ahl-i bayt.

As you know Naqshi-Haznavi tariqa is the path of living Islamic religion in the most perfect way. The purpose of this path is reviving the religion released from superstitions and wrong interpretations. The imams of Haznavi tariqa were all selected scholars, guides who knew the necessities of time and authorities in their branches. They became well-known in the world by means of their service for the religion. Almighty Allah informed us in the holy book Qur’an: We did indeed offer the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains, but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof.

On the other hand human beings undertook the heavenly trust. This trust is to establish civilization of love and get ready for the Hereafter by performing religious duties. This situation constituted a connection between almighty Allah and His servant, and gave him a great responsibility. He will make his duty come true with his pleasant soul and hidden abilities. This duty is so difficult that it caused the Messenger misery. The verse ?Therefore stand firm (in the straight path) as thou art commanded? made his hair turn white.

Islam is heavenly light. It is a trust. It looks like a dress that whoever wears it, becomes luminous. It causes one to gain dignity and honor. If he lives Islam, he will rise to the manner of angels. Faith is also heavenly light. Almighty Allah exalts those who set faith in their hearts. He rewards them with everlasting beauties and being beautiful forever. He, who created the universe so beautiful and nice, will certainly adorn the Hereafter with incredible beauties. Benefaction is also a great blessing and trust. It means worshipping Allah as if we saw Him and always being in the manner of peace. Almighty Allah honors His servants (who worship Him as if they saw Him) with His love and heavenly knowledge.

The more one becomes lofty and lives Islam, the more he wants the people around him also get this loftiness. He wants them to purify their nafs and be endeavoring. Therefore, he helps them. First of all, he turns towards his wife and children. He strives for bringing them up in the most perfect way. As a result of his intimate and serious efforts, it is seen that they become luminous. Whoever wants the way of truth and heavenly light will get them. As long as a community doesn?t change itself, almighty Allah won’t change it.

Sheikh Ahmad Haznavi was so diligent and meticulous in living the Islamic religion, Sunnah and the principles of tariqa. He was so diligent that there was no difference for him between day and night in this path. He didn?t mind sleep or tiredness. Almighty Allah gave him unequaled children and grandchildren because of his deep devotion to the heavenly trust. His sons; Sheikh Masum (k), Sheikh Alaaddin (k.), Sheikh Izzeddin (k.) and his grandson Sheikh Muhammad were all heavenly gifts for him.

They also showed great effort in this path. They strived for guiding people, spreading the orders of holy book Qur’an and making their life filled with heavenly values. They carried out their duties, properly. Almighty Allah gave Sheikh Muhammad Muta to his lofty family as a gift in response to their loyalty.

Sheikh Muhammad Muta is a wise man to whom almighty Allah gave special capability. Allah wanted to increase the honor of Haznavi family by means of him. He completed his education in the Madrasah of Islamic Sciences and took his certificate from his father Sheikh Muhammad Haznavi after having graduated the madrasah. Sheikh Muhammad Haznavi wrapped sariq (turban) around his head and said ;I will make you wear such a sariq (turban) that it will be bigger than mine. By saying this, he pointed out the greatness of his son’s guide and services.

Sheikh Muhammad was always together with Sheikh Muhammad Muta in all activities at home or abroad, except in special situations. Sheikh Muhammad was taking him wherever he went, consulting with him and showing him all details and principles of the path of Haznavi murshids and scholars.

Toward the last moments of his life, he transferred most of the important works in tariqa to Sheikh Muhammad Muta (k.). Moreover, he was sending people to Sheikh Muhammad Muta, when they came to ask his advice on a matter. One day, he said to people who suspected Sheikh Muhammad Muta: He is filled with wisdom from head to foot. This is the statement of how perceptive, intelligent, cautious, mature and foresightful Sheikh Muhammad Muta is.

As you know, there are generally three ways for having a position or being the leader of a society. Appointment is the first way; for example, being appointed to a school as a headmaster or being appointed as a governor of a province. The second way is via election; for instance, being elected as a head of a village or as a chairman of an institution. Third way is via the advice of an expert person at a particular area. As it is known, even a word or command of a person skilled in a particular area is more superior to the views and suppositions of thousands of people. Tariqa is the path of practicing religious knowledge and lofty wisdom. The murshids of this path are able to speak authoritatively about Islamic Sciences. In order to take upon the responsibility of guidance in this path, one needs to their permission.

Sheikh Muhammad Haznavi pointed out Sheikh Muhammad Muta in his testament as a man who was able to be an authority in the religious knowledge, guidance and tasawwuf and revive the religion after his death. Furthermore, he described Sheikh Muhammad Muta as being solemn, modest, patient, and merciful towards Muslims and perfectly matured man. This witnessing is superior to everything and reliable evidence.

Sheikh Muhammad Muta gave up all benefits of the world for his purpose and showed a great model of self-sacrifice. He migrated for protecting Islamic values, ignored the badness made against him and always behaved in the limits of lofty moral values.

He is a symbol of compassion and kindness towards all people. He never hesitates to make a concession in his life for teaching the Truth to people. Becoming lofty in spirit and being dependent on Allah with love are very important for him.

Sheikh Muhammad Muta goes on guiding people in modesty. All followers of Sheikh, Muslims who know him and Islamic Scholars witness his modesty. He has ikhlas so much that he behaves very delicately for not his purpose being harmed. He never collects contributions from people. He always prefers to help people rather than expect help from them. He reaches a great deal of people with his systematic subjects and academic but warm and intimate style in his talks.


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