The Secret of Existence – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi

At first, I want to welcome all of you especially dear ulema brothers. And I wish that Allah rewards you with gratitude, blesses each step of yours, awards your efforts, treats you with kind reception and consent and turns your pain into ease in the world and hereafter. Certainly He is almighty.!

Dear Muslims! This meeting and your attendance are nothing but a certain proof that you are fond of and attached to your religion, a clear sign of your conversation with Allah Subhanahu was ta?ala and a demonstration of your deep loyalty to Sheikh Muhammad Al Haznevi we remembered at this blessed remembrance ceremony. Our Sheikh, our big lecturer, our supreme mentor Sheikh Muhammad Al Haznevi, May Allah bless his soul, loved you and carried a torch for you. You, too, gave him your love and carried a torch.

Sheikh Nibs tried with his whole soul for your improvement and guidance to a safe and correct way. He did his best to spread the religion of Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala. He spent all moments of his life in a way to invite Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala, purely and with loyalty. All Sheikh kuddisesirruh wished was to teach science, help and spread the conversation soul amond the people. He wandered, traveled from one region to another inviting to Allah taala with philosophy and good advice both in the East and the West. He became prominent with the balanced approach which he had among others. He was a station of pilgrims who made a spiritual journey to Allah, in his own age. The invitation of Sheikh kuddisesirruh was only and only for Allah s sake.

Thank to Allah, even now, this way of his is far away from the earth lust, personal interests and political benefits. This situation is known clearly by everyone who hears -Sheikh Al Haznevi- wherever in this world. Sheikh kuddesisirruh always said these at these big meetings to express and declare clarity of sufism, purification of his invitation: “We are never interested in two things. We don t collect the goods of people, skip collecting, we don t even accept it. And we have nothing to do with political issues! “Today I, this poor man, repeat everything and emphasize exactly what Sheikh kuddisesirruh called for and vocalized as a person who has undertaken the mission of his sect despite my weakness and being an orphan of Sheikh s islamic monastery. I regard as my mission to go in the same way with our Sheikh kuddisesirruh.

Dear Muslims! I see this big meeting as a loot to say there to you: The status of Sheikh Al Haznevi kuudisesirruh is absolutely a religious one. We don?t abuse or misuse our religion and sect to collect goods or form political groups. Thank to Allah. If you meet someone who demands goods of you or invites you to some political targets, you should know that this is his/her personel account and we are onward and far away from them. Whether this person becomes affiliated with the sect of Sheikh Al Haznevi or is one of the students or scholars or Sheikh, or even is a member of Sheik Al Haznevi s family, it doesn t matter, he/she has nothing to do with us. Whoever demands such thing of you, say this: “What you say is not appropiate for our important people!”

My dear brothers, Sheikh kuddisesirruh gave but did not take. He was an honorable example of guides and invitors regarding pureness, trueness and candidness. The whole life of Sheikh kuddisesirruh was to do good and help. Because he, may Allah bless him, understood with divine light of his foresight that the world will ultimately end no matter how long it is. That s why he did not see the world as a continuous place to stay. On the contrary, he regarded the life he lived as an opportunity, a loot to do the acts which Allah approves. May Allah bless him, he spent his life doing good acts and inviting to Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala. He was a prominent regarding goodness. He was one of the people whom Allah the almighty mentioned about in this verse in Quran: They believe in Allah and the Last Day, and they enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and hasten to good deeds. And those are among the righteous. Al-i İmran, 114.

Our Sheikh kuddisesirruh perceived the secret of existence in the world life. He knew the intention and purpose why Allah the almighty created him. However, most people ? except the ones who Allah taala protects with his kindness ? forgot this issue and are unaware of this intention. Therefore our Sheikh kuddisesirruh said so: “Each human being should swallow his/her desires and ask this question: Why do I exist in this world? What is my duty in this realm of existence? What is my mission in this life? Yes! Every human being should ask these questions to themselves and think about the answer quite a while. Dear brothers! Each ignorance can be forgiven no matter how big the results are, but it is an unforgivable ignorance for a human being not to know the secret of his/her existence, not to perceive the purpose of his/her life in this world. It is the biggest shame for a human being to live unwarily despite the mind and the will given by Allah ta?ala, not to think its end, not to know the truth of his/her existence and not to perceive what his/her mission is in this life and what he/she should do. Because at last deatch comes suddenly and this human being faces the exact end without any preparations. So then, this human being picks the fruit of his/her perservion in that long life and his/her ignorance.

Therefore, my dear brothers, our Sheikh kuddisesirruh used to dwell on the need that every smart human being should absolutely ask himself/herself these questions and consistently emphasize this: “Why was I created? What is the intention why Allah the almighty created me?” The answer of this question is known at the level of believers and is certain. Every artist knows the secret of his/her art: Why did he/she do it? Why did he/she do it in this way not in that way? Allah is the artist of human being, the creator of them and also arranges their affairs. Let?s ask: Oh Lord, why did you create human? Did you create him so that he eats, drinks, has fun and plays? Did you create him so that he only walks around on this earth, eats fruit of it and then becomes earth again as in the beginning and the story ends here? Was this human created so that he lives suffering a certain while between the scream when he is born and the groaning when he dies in this world? If so, what is the secret of power in humans? Oh Lord! What is the secret of the powers like mind, will and soul which you consigned?

Allah Subhanahu wa taala makes erudite explanations and answers objectively to our questions in Qoran. Allah Subhanahu wa taala, shortly, declares that he created human so that he can be caliph of Himself. Here is what it means: The human is representative of the philosophy, mercy and justice of Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala with his good behaviours. Dear brothers! Our Sheikh kuddisesirruh explained the first pillar of caliphate so: the first pillar is for human to know his Lord righteously, to serve Him righteously. Thus Allah taala commands as follows: “I have only created Jinns and men, that they may serve Me!”(Zariyat, 56) It is said that Allah Subhanahu wa taala commands His humans in a hadith: “”Humans! I did create you neither to to get rid of loneliness and become friends with you, nor to get rid of scarcity and multiply with you, neither to get help from you in something which I am not capable of and to afford and advantage nor to protect myself from any danger! I did create you only and only that you shall inure me at length, mention about me greatly and compare me day and night.””

My dear brothers! Someone who thinks about the universe where we live sees everything lasting a life and trying something else other than itself. We see clearly that water is for earth, earth is for plants, plants are for animals and animals serve the order of human. So who does human exist for? That is the essential question, my brothers! The answer unspoiled creation calls for us and all creatures in this universe says is this: Man exists to serve Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala and to know Him. Man exists to serve Allah Subhanahu wa taala and to obey His commands and to become distant what He forbids and prohibits. It is not allowable and possible that man serves another existence other than Allah ta?ala, occupies himself other than serving Allah Subhanahu wa taala. Because the whole world serves the human with the permission of Allah taala. Thus Allah taala commands in Quran: “Do you not see how Allah has subjected to you all that is in the heavens and the earth, and lavished on you His visible and unseen favors?” (Lokman, 20)

If Allah Subhanahu wa taala puts this world at the disposal of man for them only to serve and worship his Creator, does it make sense that man occupies with the service of this world instead of worshipping and serving his Creator? Is it sane, fair and faithful that man dares, stumps the Entity who creates him and gives food, revolts and provokes Him with the food presented to him? In that case, man exists for only and only Allah and to serve and obey Him in the eyes of mind and creation.

My dear brothers! There are two dimensions of worship that Allah Subhanahu wa taala commands us:
First Dimension: Devotion to sayings which Allah taala puts as a rule and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in both command and prohibition. These commands and prohibitions represent obediance and submission to Allah about goodness and servitude.

Second Dimension: This devotion and obediance needs to emanated from a heart who loves Allah taala, cares Him. There is no other thing more worthy and valuable to be loved than Allah taala in the existence. Allah Subhanahu wa taala has a unique virtue, kindness and goodness. He is the one who creates us out of nothing. He is the one who makes us caliphes in the earth. He is the one who creates everyting in the earth for us. He is the one who bestows countless and inestimable benediction to us. He is the one who teaches us everything when we know nothing. There is no other one worth to be loved and be closed than Allah! That?s why, our guide Muhammad Alaihissalatu Wasallam prayed as follows:
“O Allah, I ask for Your love, and the love of those persons who love You and love of actions that bring me closer to Your love” (Tirmizi)

My dear brothers! My father Sheikh kuddisesırruh said that: “The basis and essence of the conversation to Allah ta?ala is to know the good of Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala, names of Him, to comprehend the kindness and the virtue of Him and to feel the good and mercy of Him.” Because if man knows Him with the perfection of His goods and names, he loves Him. If a man has higher level recognition and ability to Allah ta?ala, then he has higher level conversation to Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala. Hence, the Prophet alaihissalatu wassalam is the one who loves Allah ta?ala most among people. Because he is the one who knows Allah the almighty. Our guide alaihissalatu wassalam was the person whose desire and inclination to allah ta?ala was the most. He entreats Allah ta?ala for giving “pleasure of looking at His shining face ” in one of his prayers.

The last point of happiness of our guide alaihissalatu wassalam was also “salah”. Because salah is the connection between the heart of the man and Allah ta?ala in the most directly way. That s why, when man performs his salat meditately, he feels that he is not before any other human during the salat, on the contrary he feels with his whole heart and organs that he comes into the presence of Allah the almighty. At that time no one can describe that pleasure. No one can express the peace and confidence which comes from the heart, spreads and invades all organs. That is the real salah what Allah taala commands us to perform! It is this salah which delivers the man to his Creator!

This poor man, my dear brothers, says to everyone, who doesn t know the benefits of the sect to a man, what the benefit of sufism is: One of the most important benefits of the sect is that it rises a believe,r who has spiritual discipline in this way, to a level of goodness and chance to see Allah ta?ala. Thus when Gabriel asks “goodness”, our guide Muhammad alaihissalatu wassalam announced and commanded us:

Beneficiance is praying as if you were seeing Allah the almighty! (Beyhaki)
The scales of real sufism, my dear brothers, is Qoran and Sunnah. And the real sect is the one which is appropriate and corresponding for the shariah of our guide Muhammad alaihissalatu wassalam. What we see perceptibly about sufism and sect of our Sheikh we remember at this remembrance meeting is this! Thank to Allah, our Sheikh interpreted the real sufism with his own behaviours and life. And he gave us back the glory and fame of sufism which he undertook from important sufism masters.

Our Sheikh is worth to be written books about himself with his fragrant address and gorgeous generosity. His anecdotes are a sweet spring quenching the thirsty of pilgrims and followers. Because Sheikh Nibs perceived the purpose of his own creation and the target he needs to reach.

My honorable brothers! What we need to learn from these as we mentioned above is this, the purpose of man in this life is to worship Allah ta?ala. However, this worship is not restricted to only salah, sawm, hajj und zakat. On the contrary, there are countless fields of worship additional in addition to five pillars of Islam. It has an enormous ring including the acts like goodness and benefaction.

Every useful social activity and also Islam are counted as worship. Of course, man performing this activity should have consent of Allah. If man performs it to be praised or gain fame in the eyes of people, then it is not worship. To erase tears of someone crying, relieve the anxiety of a worried person, guide a lost one, teach something to someone who doesn?t know, or to take the evil away from a living being, or to spread the spirit of conversation among people, to protect the safety of his city, or to put the riot and hate fever out.

If a human performs these all for Allah s sake, these are worships at the level of his intention and goodness and reasons to get closer to Allah ta?ala. And humans performing these, do their duty to their Creator as a real human.

My brothers! If we scrutinize the commands and prohibitions of Allah taala, we see that all these are for the benefit of us. The worships that humans perform don?t help Allah Subhanahu wa taala and the sins they commit don t harm Him. Our obediance to His commands and prohibitions only includes our own happiness both in this world and hereafter.

Dear Muslims! At the end of my conversation, I want to thank again to all attending this valuable meeting. I entreat Allah Subhanahu wa taala for uniting us again at the climate of His mercy under the sanjak of our guide Muhammad alaihissalatu wassalam as He united us here for the sake of His love and worship. I entreat and pray Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala for this meeting to make remedy and antidote for our hearts, to lighten His way for every one, to take us away from the darkness of ignorance and to show us the right way.

My respectable participative brothers! Lastly, thank to all my brothers both responsible and security guards and who help preparing this atmosphere and every one who tries for this meeting to be successful. I entreat Allah ta?ala for us all to be prized with the most beautiful gifts and to be granted belief at our last breath. He is almighty. Oh Allah! Blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammed(salla Allah u alihi wa salam) ,and on all his Family and Companions. Al-Fatiha …


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