The Secretary of Islamic Civilization Unity – Dr. Ahmad Sumays

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds. The most superior salat and the most perfect salam be upon our Prophet Muhammad, His Ahl al-Bayt and all His companions! O! My Allah! Praise be to you that is suitable for Your majesty and greatness of Your sovereignty. You are subhan! We can’t praise You as You praise Your own.

Dear my brothers! O! My Lord who engraved the great love of Sheikh Izzeddin, Sheikh Muhammad and Sheikh Muhammad Muta in our heart!

Dear my brothers! I see the twinkle of love and compassion in your eyes for this beautiful silsilah in which we see all kinds of faith in the way of sublimation holy word, all kinds of ikhlas and taqwa!

Dear my brothers! At this moment I’m imagining our Sheikh Muhammad while he is looking at this beautiful and blessed community and believers’ hearts. Behind him there is his father Sheikh Izzeddin quddise sirruhu. I’m imagining that two of them are looking at this path which is started by them and which develops day by day by means of almighty Allah’s mercy and grace and in care of Sheikh Muhammad Muta.

O! My brothers! O! You, who came here from distant places so as to express your love to this great silsilah and the pleasure you feel from this path! O! My brothers! I speak to you!

Dear friends! You must mobilize for Islam in your homes, families and towns! You must properly represent Islam! One who looks at these beautiful hearts feels humility when he sees this modesty, zuhd (asceticism) and the perfect features of humanity on your faces. You must mobilize for Islamic Humanity, Islamic Justice and Mercy of Islam by which Islam is defined. However, now we are in such a time that our religion Islam and its mercy, its justice and its beauty are accused. Some people are trying to charge Islam with “terrorism” which is an unfounded accusation. Indeed, they are the real terrorists! They kill people! They destroy our mosques, they leave our children fatherless. They leave our women widow. They kill our babies. They do everything and they are committed every crime in the book.

O! My brothers! Do you know that in our beloved Prophet’s time there had been 70 invasions and military expeditions during ten year? Consequently, Islam was spread out to all parts of Arabic peninsula during this period of time and in those 70 wars. But, O! My brothers! Here we see the benevolence of our religion, because in those 70 wars by which Islam was spread out only 1013 people in both parts (Muslim and non-Muslim) had died.

O! My brothers! No one except those 1013 people died in 70 wars that Islam was spread out. On the other hand, our enemies kill millions of people in a war. Look Hiroshima! Their massacre tells us its loathsomeness.

O! My brothers! O! You who came from all countries of the world! You must explain the justice and mercy of Islam! You must explain its benevolence! You must teach people lives of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him), His companions and our leaders. We must show people Abu Baqir’s faith, Omar’s justice, Osman’s generosity, Ali’s strength, S’ad bin Abu Waqqas’s commandership, Amr bin As’s genius, Abu Ubeyde’s trustworthiness and Abu Zer’s asceticism. All these features are gathered in the character of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

O! My brothers! Therefore, all of us must read their life stories! As long as we walk on this path of our beloved Prophet, His companions and our leaders, we must teach their lives to our children! As long as we walk in the path of Naqshbandi- Haznavi whose silsilah is bound to a hero with another hero, we must testify its power. In order to show people our national unity, our excellent brotherhood and absolute justice of our homeland which does not differentiate between Arabic and the others, we must be a single heart together against the enemies of our ummah. When the other people come to this homeland, they’re regarded as the people of this homeland. Our duty is also their duty, our rights is also their rights. The relationship weaved in this homeland is the single sample of its kind and this relationship is a school for all communities to see the brotherhood among all people in the homeland.

Consequently, we must explain to the enemies of our ummah how the people of a homeland walk on the same path! This night I also want to say my last will: I want you to pray so that Allah may bless Sheikh Muhammad Muta, direct him towards right, and make him strength for the followers who want to stay stable in this path.

I wish Allah accept your prayers when you go to the institute in which too many preachers and imam have been graduated and I wish the institute will turn its origin form by knowledge, marifat, taqwa and ikhlas (sincerity) under the flag of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him).

O! My Allah! Turn Muslims back to their religion in the best way! Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds!


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