The Selected Words of Sheikh Muhammed Muta


O! My brothers! Soul is the most important part of a person. If his soul is overwhelmed with worldly desires, it will be lost. He can?t get any benefit from it. However, if he purifies his soul and becomes morally upright, then his soul will strengthen. Thus, he will be able to perform whatever his Lord wants from him.

O! My brothers! One can get benefit from an improved and purified soul. On the other hand, there is no use of the soul which is not purified. There is no worth of it. Moreover, it can’t do anything.

O! My son! It?s impossible to make people consent. If you please someone, you may anger the other one. Each person has different wisdom, thought and view. If you can’t please all people, then you should do the best. In other words, you should please almighty Allah. One should strive for will of Allah and improve the relationship between Allah and himself.

If one strives for pleasing people and getting their pleasure, he is mistaken. In fact, it is almighty Allah who gives blessings and benefits. For this reason, he should strive for getting the will of almighty Allah. If human being wants the blessings of world, he can’t get them only with the will of Allah. If he wants the blessings of Hereafter, he can get them only with the will of Allah. If he wants both the blessings of world and Hereafter, he should again strive for the will of Allah.

O! My brothers! We must be awake. When we are in so blessed community, we should get benefit from it. If we see anyone repeating the word Allah, we should take it as a warning. If we see someone worshipping Allah, we should take it as a warning again. If there is someone who is morally upright and modest, we should take his morals as a model. If we see someone who is honest and well-mannered, we should take him as a model, too. So, we will get good deeds and blessings from this holy community in this way.

You should be useful for the religion and will of Allah, not for the world or the other things. Be useful for the will of Allah. One of the poets said: ‘There were some rich people. But they left this world. They lost all their goods. If only I knew, who will have those properties?’ A wise man endeavors for the will of almighty Allah. He becomes an ascetic (person who shuns the world and its pleasure to devote himself to worship and pious works) in the world for peace and satisfaction of his heart. He behaves like that Sayyidina Omar Ibn-i Hattap  said ‘ Being an ascetic in the world is the biggest reason for peace and satisfaction of heart.’

Dear brothers, uprightness and truth in the Shari’a of our beloved Prophet are the biggest blessings. As long as a person is in this direction, he will gain the biggest blessing and mercy of almighty Allah. Dear brothers, I heard from my father; ‘If almighty Allah wishes one’s favor, He opens his heart for it. He makes him successful. Thus, that person becomes successful in worshipping and performing religious duties. Moreover, Allah bestows endeavor upon him and gives him strength.?

Dear brothers, the person in this holy community must see his nafs imperfect. He must see deficiency in his worships. Having taken good manners of Sheikh Hadrat, he can find a remedy. He will get benefit and blessing. If you don?t take anything as a warning in this community and don’t perform religious duties, then how will you get benefit? How will you purify your nafs? It is impossible.

My dear brothers, the relationship between us is owing to the good manners in the Shari?a. It is because of manners appropriate for the Shari?a. Therefore, we must save these good manners from innovations and oppositions in the religion. We mustn’t use them for the benefits of the world and politics. It isn?t religiously permissible using such manners for politics and positions by exploiting them.

My dear brothers, we should be patient. Everything can be solved by patient. However, we should be careful so that we don’t make any mistake. We should behave according to the good manners of Islamic Religion. We must save these manners. We must be beneficial for human beings. We mustn’t disturb our people and government. Our beloved Prophet said: ‘ One who is impetuous isn’t a man. A man must be patient. He keeps himself while getting angry.’

My dear brothers! The straight path is the Shari’a of Prophet. It means being away from the prohibitions in the religion and performing orders of Allah. It means not being addicted to the pleasures of nafs. If one is addicted to the pleasures of his nafs, his heart becomes bereft of foresight. Then, his heart confuses wrong with right and falls into error. Thus, being dependent on nafs causes one’s foresight to atrophy.

My dear brothers, who are those on the straight path? Sheikh Hadrat had compared those to mountains. Just as cold or hot weather and wind don?t affect mountains, so those who are on the straight path aren’t affected by any difficulties. It doesn’t matter how many disasters, troubles and scarcity happen to them, they aren’t affected anyway. They are still going on the straight path. No one can give any harm to them.

My dear brothers, one who is on the straight way must be patient and strong. If someone says unpleasant words to him or swears him, he mustn’t give any response. He must give response to those saying unpleasant words, politely. He must treat towards them as if he didn?t hear anything unpleasant from them.

One who is on the straight way should not turn towards impropriety. He should not be deceived by the world. He should not be detained by the world. He should not depart from the straight way of almighty Allah by depending on the world and nafs. He should not pay attention to the world and nafs.

One, who is on the straight way, must have endurance against calamities. When he is in trouble, he must endure very much. When someone does an injustice to him, he must be strong and not go astray. Thus, he will be a really mustaqim.

My dear brothers, I?m still remembering the words and advices of my father Sheikh Hadrat. He was saying: ‘Don’t envy the others’ properties. Don’?t be arrogant about the crowd around you.? While Sheikh Hadrat was talking in a meeting, he was saying ?I swear to Allah it’s true that I can’t see anyone in this community inferior to me.?

My dear brothers, we must know that Sadat-i Qiram spent their lives in order to explain truth of science and spread the principles of religion. They lived appropriate to the values, honors and manners of this religion. They revived the true and genuine tasawwuf. They exerted themselves in this path.

Sheikh Hadrat was inviting people to love each other, help one another and become close friends disregarding their madhaps, societies and nations. He was saying that one?s life would get integrity by means of his brothers and sisters. He emphasized that a Muslim’s life could be upright only by means of peace and unity. How can a community stand if the people in it hate each other? A society can be set by helping one another, becoming close and getting rid of dissension, hostility and defeatism.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.v) described a wise person like that:’One, who is wise, judges his nafs and works for the Hereafter. On the other hand, an ignorant person doesn?t judge his nafs. He obeys the pleasures of his nafs. Nevertheless, he expects safety from almighty Allah.’

My dear brothers! A wise person always thinks the end of events. When world pleases him, he doesn’t feel proud. An intelligent and strong-minded person isn’t deceived by his youth, position, wealth and strength. He knows that night comes after daytime. All leaves down in autumn after flowers and roses of spring. In winter those roses turn into thorns.

O! Muslim brothers! The world is today, the Hereafter is tomorrow. There is life today. However, there will be death tomorrow. There are freedom, desires, rebellions and pleasures today. One can do whatever he wants. But, tomorrow there will be witness of angels against you. Moreover, they will testify against your organs and parts of your body. At that time, you will feel very ashamed in the presence of Allah, when He who creates you says with the glory of divine justice ‘Read thine (own) record: Sufficient is thy soul this day to make out an account against thee.’

Almighty Allah says: ‘Know ye (all), that the life of this world is but play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting and multiplying, (in rivalry) among yourselves, riches and children. Here is a similitude: How rain and the growth which it brings forth, delight (the hearts of) the tillers; soon it withers; thou wilt see it grow yellow; then it becomes dry and crumbles away. But in the Hereafter is a Penalty severe (for the devotees of wrong). And Forgiveness from Allah and (His) Good Pleasure (for the devotees of Allah.. And what is the life of this world, but goods and chattels of deception? ‘

My dear brothers! Who deserves the will of Allah? One, who lives with taqwa and spends his youth for being accepted in the presence of Allah, deserves the will of Allah. He is never deceived by the world or proud of it. Who deserves forgiveness and will of Allah? Those, who carry out the orders of almighty Allah, practice the Sunnah of Prophet, pay attention to them and evaluate opportunities while being alive, healthy and young, deserve forgiveness and will of Allah.

Tariqa is the servant of our beloved Prophet’s Shari’a. Moreover, tariqa is the Shari’a in itself. If any tariqa is contrary to the Shari?a, it is lie, slander and bluff. Its harm is more than its benefit.

My dear brothers! My father Sheikh’s tariqa is the tariqa of love. It is the tariqa of ikhlas and loyalty. Dear brothers, it is full of ikhlas and love. It is all love, knowledge, insight, endeavor and ikhlas.

The real and genuine tasawwuf is that it perfects the relationship between people and Allah. It also perfects relationship between people. This is because of loving and helping one another. Therefore, dear Muslims, Sufi people say: There must be love in one’s world and Hereafter. The best ways for the works of world and Hereafter are love and helping one another.

Dear Muslims! Muslims are celebrating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad now both here and in the other places of the world. They are showing their love towards him. In fact, it’s respected to the Prophet Muhammad by taking his moral as a model, practicing his Sunnah and going on his path. It is not enough to be content with only zikr. I expect from Allah to make us successful in respecting to the Prophet as a result of carrying out His orders, avoiding His prohibitions, taking the Prophet’s moral as a model and practicing Sunnah.

Dear Muslims, the revelation sent to our beloved Prophet is enough for all Muslims, scholars and murshids in order to enter the right way and take the Prophet’s moral as a model. Almighty Allah sent our beloved Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (s) as the last and complementary Prophet. His Shari’a cancelled the rules of the other prophets? Shari’a. All beauties of the other prophets are in the moral and Sharia of our beloved Prophet. What is more valuable than this? Dear Muslims! The celebrating of the birth of our beloved Prophet is so great, because he is great and grand. Almighty Allah showed the blessings that he gave our beloved Prophet to all people. What is more beautiful than this?

Dear Muslims! The enemies of our beloved Prophet wanted to find defect in him. They strived for it. In all periods before and after Islam, they didn’t find any defect in the Prophet. Their wished turned out to be nothing. When Abu Sufyan went to Ethiopia, the Ethiopian king Herakil said to him: Talk about the Prophet. What are you saying about him? He said: I and all people in Maqqa have never seen that he tells lie. He never tells lie. Then the Ethiopian king Herakil said: As he doesn’t tell lie to you, it is impossible that he may tell lie in the name of almighty Allah. Thus, the king said to him that the action of our beloved Prophet was right.

Dear Muslims! Our beloved Prophet (s.a.v) prayed for being saved from calamities. We must also pray almighty Allah for being saved from bad situations. We must turn towards Him. Almighty Allah says in Qur’an about praying: And your Lord says: Call on Me; I will answer your prayer. In other verse, almighty Allah speaks to His Messenger and says:When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them): I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he called on Me: Let them also, with a will, Listen to My call, and believe in Me: That they may walk in the right way?

Dear Muslims! There isn’t any prophet who never prays for almighty Allah against calamities and wars. So, we should also pray Allah.



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