Understanding Your Own Reality – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Thanks shall be for Allah, the Lord of the Universe and salute and salad shall be upon our guide Muhammad, his imams and companions.

I, the weak humanbeing of Allah the Almighty, heard once what Sheikh His Nibs said this; Someone, who visits the derwish lodge of Sheikh His Nibs, should not return with empty-handed from here. That means, he should not return the same condition as before he comes. If anyone doesn’t make benefit from this visit, what is the good of his coming? Then nothing will be in his hands other than tiredness and torture.

There is no doubt that there are so many otherworldly benefits for anyone who comes here. There is no worldly purpose among us. And there is no materiality and interest relationship between us. Neither you expect materiality from us nor we expect such thing from you. In that case the intention of anyone who comes here is to be good and only for Allah’s sake. Our otherworldly benefits are in things we hear and teach from goodnees, preachers and conversations. They do good with them.

In spite of that, we can’t make benefit from what we’ve learnt. To listen, to know, to learn and to have wisdom is necessary, but to do goodness with things what we’ve learnt is also necessary. We need to do good with the manners we have seen and learnt from Sheikh His Nibs. First, we need to live in our desires; then we need to spread these manners among our family, neighbours and friends. When we are so assiduous, we can see that the religious order helps and influences us. Only then our production of conversation and loyalty can be seen in us.

My precious brothers, you leave your children and your work, you spend money to come here. Despite of that, if we don’t make benefit from the hadiths and sayings and good advices, transmittet anecdotes of the salah religious people who lived before, your coming means nothing. Nothing will be in your hands other than tiredness and expenses you made.

My precious brothers, anyone among us can be arrogant and say; ?I have done something good, this goodness is enough for me? after a two-rakat prayer in his home. He can see himself as a dedicator, close to Allah the Almighty and a good person after this two-rakat prayer. Desire fools him, the Devil deceives him. When such a person comes to the derwish lodge and joins this sacred community, he draws lessons and make benefits from them who are the real dedicators, who are afraif of Allah the Almighty, who spend all their time with dhikr and devotion and who remembers Allah the Almighty day and night when he sees them.

A person in this sacred community sees people who wake up in the middle of the night, on cold days for a night prayer, who wake up before the sun arises for a dawn prayer, who spend all their time full and he is influenced by them. He draws lessons what he sees. He will see and understand how the devil fools him, how his desires deceive him and recover himself. Our Prophet commands in his sacred hadiths: ‘Believer is the mirror of another believer. Believer imitates another believer.’

And so the benefits of the religious order are clear. Anyone who joins such community learns his defects, mistakes and lacks. He returns himself. He draws important lessons from this sacred community and earns the ideal behaviours which are very important for himself.

There are many people among the ones coming continuously this derwish lodge who care their reading Qoran, join this community, go on dhikr, give importance to them all and behave correspondently with these manners.

I deplore that someone who shows himself as a loyal believer can leave the community and perhaps his prayers after returning to his home. He can leave dhikr, reading Qoran and his conversation. There is no doubt that such person fools and makes people laugh at himself.

Wherever a loyal believer is, he practices his own manners and protects them. His friends on duty can be people who are away from these manners of the religious order. If that person is loyal, he will care his own manners and protect them even when he is with them.

My precious brothers, wherever a loyal believer is, he devotes, fears of Allah, cares his goodness and dhikr. He thinks of Allah. It can’t be obvious whether such person is believer or not from his home as the religious people (May Allah be pleased with them) commands. It is obvious if he cares himself, stays away from inattention and attaches his heart to Allah when he does his work or when he is anywhere else.

It is not understood with leaving the world stuff and work and connecting to sufism seemingly whether a person is an expert on sufism and a real ascetic who took the worldly love off from his heart or not. That person is loyal if he cares himself, thinks of Allah and obeys his manners while he is busy with trade, wanders on streets and is with different people. A real expert on sufism can be such like that.

Someone who wants to try himself and know the reality of his condition should come back from the derwish lodge of Sheikh His Nibs and look at the situation which he was busy with worldly stuff and joined the community. If he does dhikr, practices his manners and cares his manners and civility, then he is not away from the religious order. He has understood the manners and reality of the religious order.

I heard from my father Sheikh His Nibs, he commanded so in one of his conversations: It is transmitted from the chief of the Naqshbandi tariqa, Shah-ı Naqshband His Nibs. He said so: I was surprised of two things when I was in Mecca for Hadj. I lived the first one around Kaaba. Someone was holding the cloth of Kaaba and begging to Allah loudly. Our Lord! Forgive me! Our Lord! Show me mercy! He was praying by crying. I prayed to Allah the Almighty; ?Our Lord, show me what is in his heart of this person. As you all know, Allah the Almighty can let us know others? hearts of the believers. Believers are spies of hearts.

Shah-ı Naqshband His Nibs entreated from Allah the Almighty and He accepted his praying. He had a grasp of the heart of this person. He saw that his heart was in no connection with Allah. He understood that he didn’t wear his heart on his sleeves. Shah-ı Naqshband commanded: I was surprised the situation of this person?. Secondly, Shah-ı Naqshband commanded so: I saw many people queueing in front of a shop while I was passing through Mecca streets. There were a lot of customers. The owner of the shop was giving and taking money and goods continuously. His hands were performing fast, and not loafing around even just a second. I entreated to Allah the Almighty for making me familiar to his heart. Allah the Almighty accepted my praying. When I saw his heart, I saw that he was with Allah all the time although he was so busy with the worldly stuff.

My precious brothers, actions speak louder more than words. We need to do good, devote, apply the ways of the religious people. We need to stay away from the strongest hostile, devil and desire, anda protect ourselves from them.

I wish and entreat from Allah the Almighty. May He make us practice these manners and protect them. May He make us loyal believers. May He make the manners of the honorable people of the sufism be connection between us and Allah. Our Lord is Almighty.

Al Fatiha .


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