What is The Esence Of Well-manners? – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi

I begin my words with the name of Allah the almighty, IN THE NAME OF Allah, THE MERCIFUL, THE COMPASSIONATE And from Him do we seek help All praise be to Allah, the Sustainer of All the Worlds, and blessings and peace be upon our master Muhammed(salla Allah u alihi wa salam) ,and on all his Family and Companions.

Dear brothers, if you hadn’t wished to listen to the son of Sheikh nibs and to get some benefit from these words, I couldn’t have mentioned even a word.

Dear brothers, I sincerely believe and know that I have many defects and faults.I’m a weak serant of Allah the almighty.I’m saying these words just because you and I get benefit from them.İnsaallah I hope, you and I will get benefit of these words with the help and prolificacy of you and Sheikh nibs.My dear brothers, I heard from Sheikh nibs, he said that : Well-manners is crucial in İslam religion.Also it is very crucial in the order of Naksibendi-Haznevi. If a follower of the order isn’t well-mannered he can’t get benefit from this religious path.The leader of Naksibendi orders, the Sheikh Naksibendi nibs said that : someone who isn’t well-mannered is also deprived of the favor and beneficience.

Dear brothers, manners is a ver important characteristic feature.When you see one who is wel-mannered, you can easily understand from his character that he is one of the follower of this path and he has spiritual feelings and things.His well manners is a sign of this.So, everyone has to behave according to his level, his character or his position.

Good manners and behaivors should be included in everything and should be combined with everything. If a man performs salaat in awe and in the fear of Allah and in peace and his heart devoted to Allah the almighty, he is accepted that he behaved due to the accepted behaviors and manner to the Allah the almighty. If a man who is performing salaat, moves incosistent to salaat, can you say that he stands in awe and in the fear of Allah the almighty or can you say that he has the accepted behaivors.Undoubtedly one can not claim it.If he behaves or moves inconsistently in the salaah, we can think that he is deprived of accepted behaivors.

Some one who prays his salah in awe and in the fear of Allah has the accepted behaivors and is certainly aware of how great Allah the almighty is.when Such a person encounters a sin , he thinks about the greatness of Allah the almighty and keep himself out of that sin.

Yes, dear brothers, someone who has these accepted behaivors, pay attention to his daily dhikr and prayers and the good manners of the Naksibendi order. He has the consciouness about favors and prolificacy of the islamic scholars of our order (Naksibendi). Someone who is out of harm’s way and has the accepted behaivors, is well-behaved not only in his prayers and dhikr but also in his habitual behaivors and everywhere.

Dear brothers, it’s not easy to get the accepted behaivors. For example, someone who grew up in a desert doesn’t know much about accepted behaivors and consciousness. You can’t invite him to be one of the tame of wisdom or be well-behaved the same as they are. You should teach him something step by step.

Dear brothers, you shouldn’t think that he will get the accepted behaivors and be well-mannered easily.Because There must be some changes in his heart for him to get acepted behaivors. This is the situation that brings accepted behaivors to him. If someone doesn’t have purity and truthfullnes in his heart, it’s not possible for one to be well-behaved.

Dear brothers, it’s not enough for one to be well-behaved just seeemingly. It is possible that one can outwardly behave as well-mannered for one or two hours.But after a while, he got bored and walk it out. As you know that, decency and well manners depend on the heart of the man and his fear and awareness of the greatness of Allah the almighty. One must delightedly feel how great Allah the almighty is, so that he can get the accepted behaivors. There were some islamic scholars in our Order that they even felt shame at crossing their legs even when they are alone in a room. Even more, they couldn’t cross their leg while they were lying or sleeping. They all said “Allah the almighty always sees me”

Dear brothers, there are some people of high spiritual ranking that they couldn’t wear their cothes off comfortably as they feel shy. Even when they went to relieve nature, they felt ashamed of wearing off their private parts.They were shy of Allah and shy of the Prophet Muhammed (sallallahu aleyhi ve sellem) .They were shy of our previous scholars of İslam and of their Sheikh nibs. Because They knew that Allah the almighty let those scholars of islam see the others’ these secret situtations.

Dear brothers, My father, Sheikh nibs used to tell thrse : Someone who comes and joins this community should always be awake, well-behaved and humble. He shouldn’t be inattentive.

Dear brothers, All of you know very well, When my father went to Nurşin, he always paid full attention to the accepted behaivors and good manners. He never spit on the floor there. He kept himself by being shy of the islamic scholar of our path of Sufism and by behaving well mannered and polite.

Dear brothers, accepted behaivor is very crucial in the order of Naksibendi. However, I don’t really mean that everbody will be on the same level. Everybody should behave mannered according to his age, his position and his capacity.For example, manners of a person who saw my father and previous islamic scholars shouldn’t be the same with a younger follower. My father Sheikh nibs told that : Everbody has different manners.Meanwhile mannes of an old person or manners of a young, everybody is asked for different manners.So everydbody should pay attention to his own circumstance.

Dear brothers, When we were in the presence of Sheikh nibs, some people used to kneel there. Someone who sees them would say that , What a well mannered what a well behaved man he is.

Dear brothers, one who kneels in the presence of Sheikh nibs shouldn’t change his position afterwards and in different places.Dear worshippers, how one who has accepted behaivors, can’t commit a sin. Certainly, he can’t commit a sin and he can’t stand commiting sins.

Dear brothers, undoubtedly, If someone is well-mannered to Allah the almight to our Prophet Muhammed (sallallahu aleyhi vesellem) and to the islamic scholars of our Order, Allah the almighty offers him with His favour and beneficience.Dear brothers, We all wish rewards of these respects, well-manners and politeness from Allah the almighty. A person sows respect and good behaivors for the Prophet Muhammed (sallallahu aleyhi vesellem, Peace be upon him), because he knows that the Prophet Muhammed (sallallahu aleyhi vesellem, Peace be upon him) is accepted in the eyes of Allah the almighty. He hopes that, maybe, Allah the almighty forgives him for the sake of Prophet Muhammed and for the sake of the respect the one showed for the Prophet Muhammed (sallallahu aleyhi vesellem Peace Be Upon Him).

Dear brothers, The respect, well manners and esteem for the islamic scholars of Allah the almighty is just to that end. We believe that, their ranks and places are very considerable in the eyes of theAllah the almighty and Prophet Muhammed (sallallahu aleyhi vesellem, Peace be upon him). We hope that, the Prophet Muhammed (sallallahu aleyhi vesellem, Peace be upon him) accepts us in the regard for them.We hope that Allah the almighty accepts us in the regard for them.

Dear brothers, as we mentioned, the well manners and the politeness are in fact for Allah the almighty. They aren’t for the Sheikh nibs and even not the Prophet Muhammed (sallallahu aleyhi vesellem, Peace Be Upon Him). It’s only for Allah the almighty.Dear Brothers My father Sheikh nibs told that : The order is the order of good manners.There was a personage named El Hasan the Sheikh of all the hafizs who is over 100 in Medina-i-Munawwarah. That personage told my father “when I went to Rawda-al Mutahhara of Prophet Muhammed (sallallahu aleyhi vesellem Peace Be Upon Him) I could easily recognise the followers of the Sheikh nibs from their politeness and well-manners.

Dear brothers, that personage continued his speech : I sometimes went to Harem.When I saw someone who kneeled and bent his head demurely, I would think that “I wonder whether He is one f the follower of the Haznevi Order” and I used to ask him andhe was really one of the follower of the Haznevi Order” Dear brothers The same situation happened to me a month ago. I wih from Allah the almighty that Allah makes us well-mannered, polite to our Elder followersi to the islamic scholars to Prophet Muhammed (sallallahu aleyhi vesellem Peace Be Upon Him) and to Hİmself the almighty. My Allah is the all mighty. Al Fatiha.


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