Whoever is busy with things that make them forget god the Almighty is sick – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi

Whoever is busy with things that make them forget Allah the Almighty is sick.

Thanks to Allah, the Lord of the Universe and salute and salad (every kind of prays, mercy and abundance) will be upon our guide Muhammad, his imams (his holy generation) and companions(friends who believed in him). May Allah ta?ala be pleased with our pioneer, our mentor(our guide who shows us the right way and brings us to maturity), our tutor (our spiritual educator) our Sheikh Shehid-ul Haremeyn. May He make us and you utilize Him sacred secrets. And may He make his place and degree the highest!

O my brothers! The precious people with wisdom and virtue like Sheikh His Nibs (kuddisesirruh) passed away. They were experts of devotion and guidance. (They showed people the right way and wakes hearts up from blindness.) They have left this poor who has not any wealth and is nobody himself after them. O Muslims! I don?t say this to you as an expression of modesty. I say it as a reality. Allah witnesses what I have said.

In truth, my brothers! This poor humanbeing feels from heart that he is the weakest person himself among you all. And I always think that my own condition bears a striking resemblance to a condition of whom my father Sheikh His Nibs told in one of his conversations. He said so: Once upon a time, a man passed away in Damascus. They took him to the Umayyad Mosque to perform a funeral prayer. The owners of the funeral searched a hodja to make a funeral prayer perform but they couldn?t find anyone. Then they saw one who was not qualified with wisdom. They wanted him to perform the prayer of their funeral. However; this man apologized and said: ?I am not qualified to perform this.? The owners of the funeral were in rush.

They said to this lazy man called Abu Kadro: “Brother! The funeral prayer is four takbeer. Not more. Then we will bury this funeral!” They obliged him to perform the prayer. And the man had to do it. After four takbeers and salute he approached his mouth to the ear of the dead and whispered. One of the people said to him: “Abu Kadro! For Allah?s sake, what did you say to the ear of the dead!” And he said: “I said to him: When you go beyond, if they ask about me, tell them that Abu Kadro has become an imam.” Yes, my brothers! What can a world, in which people like me are in this position, be!.. But I hope mercy and generosity and kindness from Allah Subhanahu ta?ala.

O my brothers! This poor humanbeing is not a qualified person for guidance and preaching. I only cite what I have heard from Sheikh His Nibs. Sheikh His Nibs used to say: “No doubt that, if any humanbeing becomes apparently sick or something that deranges the body health, he mobilizes with everything he has materially and spiritually. He endeavours to keep the sickness away himself and tries to cure this disturbance.”

O my brothers! We know that the damage of this sickness which strikes the human body is temporary. If the duration is to be extended, it will be ended with death. However, unfortunately my brothers, we see that a spiritual and cardiac sickness resulting from the heart being busy with the world, stuff other than Allah invades us.

We don?t care this and don?t consider upon its cure. This sickness will take us to an eternal unhappiness on Doomsday and cause us to suffer torment and agonise. Our negligence and disregarding the cure that will save our hearts from these spiritual sicknesses are signs to the intension of our love for this mortal world and that we have forgotten the eternal hereafter. Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala commands: “No! You love this world but leave beyond! “(Apocalypse, 20) If a man doesn?t know that his heart attaching to the world is a very dangerous sickness, what will you say to this man, my brothers? This man is definitely called “ignorant”. Despite that, if man doesn?t care, search, give importance and try for his cure, we say that this man is “insane”.

An intellect, my brothers, looks to future waiting himself in hereafter. An intellect knows that forbidden by religion earthly tastes are not constant and settled. He even feels that. Someone whose desire says or whispers himself to make a sin needs to think the conclusion of thisterrible and forbidden by religion action. This man should know that the pleasure and the happiness sin gave him will disappear after only a few minutes or a few hours or even days. This forbidden by religion pleasure and the happiness it presents is temporary not matter how it lasts and it is mortal. That is, it will disappear. And after that, the person who has done that will carry abasement, remorse and shame in this world. And in hereafter, mybrothers, there is the biggest vileness, miserableness and strong pain at the level of Allah the Almighty. How nice they have said:

“O the person who has reached all his lusts and desires, all the pleasure disappears.And you have only the burden of sin, abasement and shame”

I heard a very erudite saying from Sheikh kuddisesirruh. He said so: “Eventually if a pleasure has a punishment in the end, it is not a pleasure at all. And if a bother has a relief in the end, it is not a bother!”

O my brothers! The pleasures which are forbidden by religion in the world, can?t be accepted as a pleasure if it has afterlife torment in the end. The bothers and hardships a human has in the world don?t matter if they have eternal afterlife blessing and easeness in the end. Because Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala is the most generous of the offerers. He presents His loyal humanbeings benedictions that don?t come to any human?s mind and nobody sees and hears in the paradise.

O my brothers! If we compare the pleasures in this world with in the afterlife, the ones in this world will be nothing along with the ones in afterlife. So what a person who barters consistent and eternal pleasures in afterlife with temporary and mortal pleasures is called? What a person, my brothers, who prefers forbidden by religion earthly pleasures to otherworldly pleasures is called? Does this person have a slightest degree of mind? Never and never! This humanbeing who fools himself with earthly forbiddden by religion lusts and desires, doesn?t think and care that he will be interrogated in afterlife which is the last station is really sick, furthermore he is not even aware of it.

O my brothers! We need an ?otherworldly mind? even if we get the reality of this dangerous sickness. ?Earthly mind? grasps the things seen and perceived with only senses because of its defects and deficiencies. It can?t penetrate or pass into the stuff. If that so, who is the ?real smart?? The real smart person is who our guide Muhammad alaihissalatu wasallam mentioned about in this hadith: “Smart person is who despises his desire ? that is, interrogates – and works for afterlife. A helpless and desperate person is who is tied to his desires and carries empty hopes about Allah! ” (Ahmad Bin hanbal-Musnad)

According to Shariah, a smart person is who prefers the immortal to the mortal one and cares it. However many people can not perceive the spiritual sicknesses or they don?t see or feel them as sickness. Their perception is restricted with ?the world?. What is its reason, my brothers? The reason is that either they don?t have faith or there is deficiency in their faith to allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala and they are tied up to mortal pleasures and lusts which is forbidden by religion.

Experts of afterlife don?t even feel physical sickness along with the spiritual ones as being busy with the forbidden pleasures and not feeling the spiritual sicknesses because of deficiency or lack of faith of the experts of world. The reason is their strength who believes in Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala and in the issues such as the last judgment, revival and interrogation which wait for them on the level of Allah ta?ala on Doomsday. Because they are busy with the big happening in afterlife, they don?t even feel the physical sicknesses in the world.

O my brothers! This poor man heard that Sheikh kuddisesirruh said so: A scholar visits a patient with his students. This patient has unrecoverable and irreparable many sicknesses. So that wasps feed on his body and blood and pus flow from all his body. But he says: ” Thank Allah who tests His many humanbeings with nuisance and bothers but saves me from them! Then scholar comes to him and says: “Why did Allah ta?ala save you! You have all the sicknesses?! ” The man says: “Thank Allah who saves me from profanity!” Well, the irreparable physical sicknesses of him don?t be regarded as “sickness”. The reason is the strength of his faith and the big reward which he hopes for the Doomsday from Allah the Almighty.

O my brothers! The mind of world experts is short-distanced. The mind of afterlife experts is sharp-sighted. The mind of afterlfie experts is a portion which falls to mahatmas and good ones. The mind of world experts is a portion which falls to the people who fool theirselves with their stuff, lusts and worlds. What a difference between two groups!

There are some ways to attain “otherworldly mind”, my brothers!
The most important of them is to remember death and to remember the doomsday positions such as revival, last judgment, scales and passing as-sirat al-mustaqeem, giving account to Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala and hellish torture. All this positions place in a human?s heart only with having faith, thinking the account day, attending the meetings of experts of faith, goodness and righteousness and preparing theirselves. Because the experts of faith, goodness and righteousness mention about Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala, remember the Doomsday, make people love the prayers and make them beware the sins.

Then we need to know this fully, my brothers: While the physical sicknesses tire human, withholds him from his duties and servings, spiritual sicknesses withhold man from doing his religious duties which secure both world and afterlife happiness. Let?s consider the salat example. Salat is the biggest duty which Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala gives his humanbeings as a religious duty. If a man has a spiritual sickness, it is hard for his desire to perform salat. Allah ta?ala commands expressing the weight of salaat on a human: “Seek help in steadfastness and salat. But that is a very hard thing, except for the fearful!” (Baqarah, 45). A man who doesn?t have faith in Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala and the Doomsday regards a two-rakat prayer as a very hard thing and a heavy burden for his desire. The reason is the weakness in that man?s heart.

And the ones who have faith in Allah the Almighty and Doomsday enjoy their salats and know that they stand in the presence of Allah during their salat. Because of the biggest importance of salat, it inoculates and presents the conversation of Him for the humanbeings who try to get closer to Allah the Almighty. It is so, because salat is “an appeal and getting closer to Allah ta?ala”. There is no means between the human and his Lord during the salat. There is no other thing which enlightens more the eyes of human than salat. For this reason, the Prophet alaihissalatu wasallam found the biggest comfort and peace in salat. Our Guide sallallahu alaihi wasallam commands in a hadith:

“My eyes will be enlightened in salat. My eyes will be glazed and dazzled when I perform salat!” (Ahmad Bin Hanbal-Musnad)

Whoever is enlightened with something, he wishes not to be apart from that thing and not step out from that. Because his happiness is in that and his life will be flourished with that. He never feels tiredness or hardships with it. For this reason, our Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam performed salat at nights until his feet swells. He was said: “Why are you doing this although Allah has forgiven your past and future mistakes? ” Our Guide alaihissalatu wasallam commanded: “Shall I not be a thankful one? “(Buhari and Muslim)

For this, my brothers, according to the owners of wisdom and honorable people ?May Allah make us and you benefit from their sacred secrets- when a person is sick, what he eats can?t serve a purpose. Even if he eats the most beautiful and delicious food, it is not apprpriate for him. On the contrary, this food can even cause the increase in his sickness. Virtual medicine experts try to cure these sicknesses and give the food which is suitable for the patient. Likewise, when a person has a spiritual sickness, the prayers can?t serve a purpose for him. Or even they harm him. Thus Allah ta?ala commands: “There is sickness in their hearts, Allah increased their sickness more and more. ” (Baqarah, 10)

O my brothers! Even if we do the prayer which we are obliged to do by Allah the Almighty its harm will be more than its goodness unless we do it in a deserving way as wanted. For example, if a human performs salat or steadfasting or a good action only apparently, this human will be sick with hypocrisy sickness. This prayer will be returned to him. And this person will be sinful because of this prayer. Because he has done it with a purpose other than the approval of Allah Subhanahu wa ta?ala. It is said that our Prophet alaihissalatu wasallam commanded in a hadith:

“There are the ones who fast, they have nothing but hunger and thirst from the fast. There are the ones who perform salat at nights, they have nothing but sleeplessness!” (Ahmad, İbn Maca, Tirmizi). The reason for all is the weakness of the human faith who fasts in the day and performs salat at the night. No matter how he performs his prayers apparently, he is sick spiritually as a conclusion of his weakness of faith.

For this, my brothers, -May Allah make us and you benefit from their sacred secrets(spiritual sublimity)- we see that our honorable people(of the religion) try to cure these sicknesses from the hearts who have this spiritual sickness. They try to strengthen the faith in Allah ta?ala in hearts of the humans. That is, they are heart doctors theirselves. We need to know that fully, my brothers, the cure of them is directly connected to head for these supreme ones. Because the words and looks of them are the healing. They are such a community that nobody in their meeting is hostile. Mercy is upon them. Allah the Almighty makes it rain and help for them. He saves them from all the nuisance and troubles. Keeping away from them is a deadly toxic. Saying lies about them and hurting them cause misfortune and deprivation.
The main reason for coroner and esoteric sicknesses is that the heart is busy with everything other than Allah. The salvation of Heart is impossible unless it avoids from these sicknesses and actions.

I pray and wish from Allah ta?ala that He shall make you success in things He approved, make us all benefit from the otherworldly mind, make the world smaller in our eyes with this otherworldly mind and make the hereafter bigger in our hearts, cure all our spiritual sicknesses and make our hearts connect to Him. This is not difficult for allah. And He is the Almighty.

My Allah! May peace and blessings be upon our Guide Muhammad, his Imams and his Companions!


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