Working and Determining – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. Thanks and praises shall be for Allah, the Lord of the Universe and salute and salad shall be upon our guide Muhammad, his imams and companions.

I praise and thank Allah the Almighty when I see that Muslims are such committed to their religion and the manners of Sheikh his Nibs. It is not important that this commitment is pretended. I also thank Allah the Almighty, I wish and entreat for Him that He shall transform this commitment into a sincere and heartfelt commitment.

This spiritual greatness and supremacies arised from the derwish lodge of Sheikh his Nibs, these are such manners that they are found preserved as in the past, far away from intentions and interests, any kind of authority and seats since the deficiencies.

My precious brothers, there may be some deficiencies among the members of the religious order. However; they are not related to the religious order. As the flaws of the Muslims should not be attributed to Islam, these should not be attributed to the religious order, either.

My precious brothers, everyone who comes to the derwish lodge of Sheikh his Nibs should definitely benefit from here. My father Sheikh his Nibs commanded that: Someone who comes here should absolutely benefit from the manners of the Sheikh. He should not return with empty-hands. Because we do not have a desire for interest, materiality or a seat. Our intention, our service and our target is clearly the religion itself.

My precious brothers, my father Sheikh his Nibs commanded that: We are poor humanbeings of Allah the Almighty. We are derwishes. Anyone, who comes to us, who joins the derwishes, gains the mercy of Allah absolutely and certainly. He wins the goodness, mercy and benedictions of the religious people.

My precious brothers, anyone who comes here achieves the grace of Allah the Almighty. He waits for the grace, good deeds and benedictions which shall come from His level. When anyone sees beneficiaries here, he should also work by himself and determine to reach the same beauty.

My precious brothers, someone who joins this Islamic community should draw lessons from the others. When he sees modest people, he should try to obtain this trait. When he sees the people who perform a prayer in a great modesty and in awe, he should take them as an example. He should draw lessons of whom prays and mentions of Allah for his prayers. In this way, he should perform what he sees in his own desire by drawing lessons from the humanbeings who do goodness, who are mannered and wellbehaved of Allah.

My precious brothers, anyone who visits here should regard himself as flawed and deficient. This is the most prominent manner of this religious order. If someone regards himself as an owner of honour and a seat, this pride and arrogance ?May Allah bless- will destroy him.

My precious brothers, my father Sheikh his Nibs commanded that: Some people may regard theirselves superior than other people after seeing his own power and largeness of his body. He may say, I am more powerful and stronger than they are. He may lord it over them. But this man should know that animals such as camel and elephant are both bigger and stronger than he is.

My precious brothers, some other may regard see theirselves superior than others after seeing their properties and funds they have. But they do not have the right for this. Because some people who are not Muslim are so rich and owners of many funds. However; they are not valuable at the level of Allah.

My precious brothers, if someone regards himself superior with his wisdom and intelligence than others, then he should know that the cursed devil was also wise. They will be judged with a deep, stiff and furious torment which Allah promised them with their wisdom on Doomsday.

My precious brothers, my father Sheikh his Nibs commanded that: A believer should be like a crow. It looks at the darkness of its feet, not the beauty of its wings. A humanbeing should draw a lesson from it about seeing his own flaws.

My precious brothers, my father Sheikh his Nibs commanded that: A believer should think about his own shame and should know that he is flawed and deficient. He should head for the goodness and praying of Allah. But he should never give up waiting for the help and support of the people of this sacred path, and he should never give up hope from the mercy and grace of Allah in spite of regarding himself as deficient.

My precious brothers, my father Sheikh his Nibs commanded that: A humanbeing should continuously see his own flaws and deficiencies. He should not be dependent on his wills and desires of his self. He should not obey his self. Because anyone who is dependent upon the wills of boundless self will be destroyed. His self kills him.

Our prayer and wish to Allah the Almighty is that He shall make us dominants over our self, not be captured by it. Allah is the Almighty.

Al Fatiha .


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