World Love Is The Reason Of Any Evil – Seyh Muhammed Muta El-Haznevi

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. Thanks and praises shall be for Allah, the Lord of the Universe and salute and salad shall be upon our guide Muhammad, his imams and companions.

I heard from my father Sheikh His Nibs, he commanded so: World love is the reason why the people become distant from their religions, abandon the worships and direct towards the sins. That’s why our guide Muhammad commanded that the World love is the source, the head and the reason of all sins.

When a human has the world love, he forgets Allah, forgets the afterlife, feels proud and passes over doing the required preparation for the afterlife. What is important is that the human does not give himself to the world; he does not fall under the domination of the world. There aren’t any objections for a human to work or engage with his business, duties, job as long as he puts the love and fear of Allah into his heart, not the world love.

There is no doubt that the world love is a disease building up over time. But there is a cure, a solution also for that. And that is to think about the death, the scenes after the death, the afterlife and the torment in the grave. If a human contemplates upon these, then he saves himself from the trouble of world love. That’s why, the members of the Naqshbandi Tariqa should practice the customs of this tariqa. One of these customs is: when a human swears off and enter into the tariqa, he should contemplate upon death right after. These customs cause a Muslim to cuddle the Islam. They lead him to attach to his religion. And they enable him to earn the conversation of Allah. When a human earns the conversation of Allah, his heart regenerates. When his heart regenerates, all his organs and limbs regenerate.

When we mention about the World conversation, we don?t tell that anyone who has property and assets is disdainful and deceived. There are such people whose faith is weak that, for example, if he has a sheep, his only one sheep occupies himself and detains him from the conversation of Allah. That sheep owner can abandon some duties of the religion by occupying with that sheep. For example; he don’t go to the Friday prayer. However, there are so many people that although who have such great fortune, the world love is not placed in their hearts. They have preferred the love of Allah to their properties, assets, trades.

I heard from my father Sheikh His Nibs, he commanded that: When Abdurrahman-ı Cami finished his apparent scholarship and graduated from the madrasah, he searched for a guide to regenerate his heart, nurture himself and refine his self. He spent long time with this pursuit. Ubeydullah-ı Ahrar was mentioned as an important Naqshbandi guide to the Mollah Abdurrahman-I Cami. Mollah Cami took some food with himself and set off to see Ubeydullah-ı Ahrar. During the trip, he asked the villagers: ‘Who has these villages? ‘ They answered that the villages belonged to the Ubeydullah-ı Ahrar. When he kept going, he saw farms, fields and gardens. When he asked ‘Who has these farms? ‘, they answered that they belonged to Ubeydullah-ı Ahrar again. Mollah Abdurrahman-ı Cami was surprised. He couldn’t understand that a guide invited the people to the piety and devotion although he had so many properties, assets and great fortune. How could this happen! How could a human allege that he was at the guidance level despite of such fortune but invite the people to the piety at the same time!.. Sheikh Ubeydullah-ı Ahrar had three hundred farms and gardens. And he had also three thousand oxes to plough.

When the Mollah Abdurrahman-ı Cami came to the dervish lodge of the Sheikh, he dwelled among the people. When the time for meal had come, Sheikh Ubeydullah (k.s) told his servant to invite the people to the meal but not to invite that strange person. The servant invited the people for the meal. But he didn?t invite Mollah Abdurrahman-ı Cami even though he passed through him. Although everyone entered in for the meal, he stayed at the corner. Bigger suspects started to arise in the heart of Mollah Abdurrahman-ı Cami. Was it possible for a human who has such a great fortune to be a guide? Although all the people had been invited for the meal, he wasn’t invited even he was a stranger.

After a while, the servant came near Sheikh Ubeydullah Ahrar. Sheikh Ubeydullah Ahrar told him to go and invite the stranger to the meal. Then the servant came and told the Mevlana Abdurrahman-ı Cami that Sheikh called for him, he waited for him in his room. The home of Sheikh was beautiful. Mevlana Abdurrahman came to the home of Sheikh with the servant. They ascended the stair and came in front of the room of Sheikh. The servant told him to enter in and that Sheikh waited for him. Mevlana Abdurrahman-ı Cami had a packsack with him. There were his wares inside of it. Mevlana Abdurrahman-ı Cami didn’t find decent to come into the presence of Sheikh with this packsack. But he was afraid that the young children would take it if he leaves it outside. At last he decided to enter by leaving his packsack outside of the room because there was nothing else to do.

There is no doubt that the mahatmas of Allah have miracles. Naqshbandis are spies of the hearts. Allahu taala (c.c) makes some friends, some mahatmas of Him be knowledgeable about the hearts of some humanbeings. Such miracles are permissible mentally and according to the shariah, they are also possible. After Mevlana Cami came into the room and saluted him, Sheikh Ubeydullah-ı Ahrar (k.s.) responded his salute and said ‘Welcome Mollah Cami. Mollah Cami wwas astounded by this addressing. He was surprised thinking about ‘ I am a stranger here. No one asked my name. How did this person know my name? ‘

Sheikh Ubeydullah-ı Ahrar called Mevlana Cami to sit with him and he started to eat with him. He was also chatting while eating. The subject of the conversation was world love. He told that the world love is the head of all evil things and the reason of all sins. By the way, Mevlana Cami considered that how could this person mention about world love, criticize the world love. He told himself that he had such properties, assets and fortune and still he was mentioning about the world love, criticizing it.

Mevlana Cami also considered his packsack he left outside while he was eating with Sheikh Ubeydullah-ı Ahrar. He was worried about his packsack to be taken by someone. At the same time, he was critizing Sheikh Ubeydullah Ahrar to mention about world love. Just then supreme Allah made Ubeydullah Ahrar be knowledgeable about the heard of Mollah Cami. O Mollah Abdurrahman Cami; all the villages, all fields, all vineyards, orchards and gardens are all mine. But believe me, all the properties, assets, fortune I have don’t occupy my heart as much as your packsack occupies you. Mevlana Cami fell at his feet, swore off and declared his loyalty.

You see, my precious brothers, that’s the benefit of the tariqa. When a human practices the customs of the tariqa, he gets rid of the world conversation, eludes from it and the love of Allah places in his heart. Allahu taala shall predestine all of us a good and honest mind and we shall practice the customs of the spiritual guides who are important people of our road and we shall utilize from these customs.

Al Fatiha.


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